MicroblogMondays: Parents of Multiples

We belong to our local parents of multiples club.  I love being a part of it.

Having twins is expensive.  As a member of this club, we have access to the FB page.  Many parents post free stuff on it.  If you are fast enough, you can score a lot of things.  Even before our babies came home, we already received a jogging stroller and two rock n plays that turn out to be something we use daily.  If you don’t mind hand-me-down items, this is definitely a great way to save some money.

About a month ago I picked up some sleepsacks that these other twins outgrew.  The same mom recently posted free size 2 diapers and a few sleepsacks for transitioning the babies to be unswaddled.  I was fast enough to respond and went to pick up the items on the same day.  The husband greeted me in the garage and gave me the items.  We chatted for a few minutes and he showed me the Bumbo chair in the garage.  I happened to have researched for it the day before because the babies are soon going to be able to sit.  He said that one of his babies outgrew it and that’s why the chair was sitting in the garage.  He told me to connect with his wife again as he suspected that they’d soon upgrade both babies to highchairs.  I messaged her and she told me yesterday that we could pick up the chairs any time.  And we did!  I am just so grateful for parents who are willing to pass on items to the next parents.  We will for sure do the same when our babies outgrow their gear.

Other than getting free things, anyone can post questions, ask for recommendations, and ask for advice on the FB page.  I have done it plenty of time and often get many responses.  It helps to feel that you are not alone on this journey, especially when it comes to a baby who doesn’t like to eat much.  I like how instant the FB platform is vs. the old way of posting questions and responding on an online forum.  Things move along so much faster that way, and members can connect via private messaging if they so desire.

This club also hosts meetings for new and expectant parents twice a month.  I went to one in the evening and one in the middle of the day.  It is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other parents and to learn from their experience as well as to offer what you have learned so far.  I enjoyed my time there tremendously, although it was still a bit weird.  As my babies’ mom, I didn’t give birth to them.  So whenever someone asked about the birth experience, I had to explain about the surrogacy.  It was all fine but I sometimes do feel like I am missing out on the pregnancy, the birth, and the breastfeeding part especially when I hear the other moms talk about their experience.  But because this was the only way for us to have these babies, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  One expectant mom has booked my night nanny in a few months upon my recommendation.  She also wants to hang out with me and the babies.  I look forward to making new friends this way.

Being parents of twins has its unique challenges.  But with the help of these parents who have walked the same path, it makes it feel like it is much easier to navigate this messiness with their advice and guidance.  The membership fee is the best $40 I have ever spent.


MicroblogMonday: Two Sick Babies

One person in the house gets sick.  Everybody gets sick.

We are all taking turns being sick.  It was my mother first.  And then my husband.  Okra was the next one to catch whatever germs that made him cough and have a stuffy nose.  This has been lasting for almost two weeks now.  Shortly after he got sick, I caught his cold and have been quite miserable with a cough and stuffy nose as well.  Poor boy hadn’t been eating too well and lost a bit of chubbiness on his cheeks.  Bunny looked as lively as ever while brother was sick.  I was secretly and not so secretly hoping that she could be immune from all the illness.  No such luck.  As brother became better and better, baby girl started sneezing a bit and coughing once in a while.  These past two days she started to have a runny nose and a more serious cough.  She is still mostly in a good mood, but is crankier and clingier than usual.  Yesterday she threw up three times during her feeds.  She started coughing after taking in about 3.5 oz of formula.  According to an advice nurse with whom I spoke, her cough might have triggered her gag reflex that made her throw up.  It was quite scary to see her throw up so much.  I also don’t want her to be dehydrated.  It pains me to see the babies suffer, but I guess it is part of having kids.  They get sick and there is no avoiding it regardless of how careful we are with hand washing.  I just hope that this passes quickly so we can all be healthy again and can get out of the house again.