It’s Happening!!!

I just have to use exclamation marks for my blog post titles lately!!!

Second beta is 464!!!  Doubling time about 40 hours.  Progesterone is 43.

We literally waited all day long for the results.  I was more nervous than on Tuesday.  I guess this time there is more to lose because we had never gotten such high beta number.  Annie finished her blood draw at 9:30.  I initially calmly waited.  The more I waited, the more nervous I was.  My mind just went wild!  I imagined all sorts of case scenarios….

Five o’clock rolled around and there was no phone call.  I left work at 5:30 having my earbuds on just in case Dr. E would call.  Nothing.  When I arrived home, I wrote her an email.  I was so anxious that I couldn’t cook or do my yoga.  It was pure torture.

Dr. E wrote me back at 6:20.  She said she hadn’t heard anything but told me not to worry about a thing.  She would call the lab now.  And she said next time call her before 4pm so she could contact the lab earlier. She said there was no need to torture ourselves.  HA!  I really should’ve contacted her.  I was being too polite.

Ten minutes later, Dr. E emailed me and Annie at the same time with the results.  When I saw it, I was so relieved!  She wrote:

“Doesn’t get any better than this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

She said I could choose to do another beta on Monday, or I could go straight to ultrasound.  I asked her what she recommends.  She said she’d go straight to ultrasound but she also understands how having a period of time with no reassurances can be anxiety provoking.

I thought about it, and I think most likely we’ll wait for the ultrasound.  Gotta have some faith in this process, yeah?

Thanks for all the love on Tuesday!  It has been very surreal and I am still processing my emotions.  But as of right now, we are expecting, Annie is truly pregnant, and it’s a great reason to celebrate!

Praise the Lord for sustaining this/these baby/babies!  May he/she/they continue to thrive so we will see a heartbeat(s) in 2.5 weeks.

I have real hope that we will finally meet our baby/babies in September!

29 thoughts on “It’s Happening!!!

  1. Yay!! I have been checking back all day! How nerve wracking it must have been for you! I’m just beyond thrilled for all of you! Continuing to send prayers. Can’t wait to hear how your first ultrasound goes! May you see two beautiful babies and heartbeats! 🙏❤️


  2. I kept checking for new right up until I went to bed last night. I’d go with at least one more beta because I personally loved that reassurance. Can’t wait to hear about the ultrasound! Make sure there’s s chair nearby for Bob in case of twins. J loves to talk about how he would’ve fallen on his face if there hadn’t been a wall behind him during the first ultrasound.


  3. Wonderful! I’m so excited to follow your pregnancy. I think you are going to be a mom (well actually I think you already are) and it’s going to be wonderful. 🎉🎉🎉


  4. Ahhhhh congrats!!! My progesterone was 41 with my twins. I thought that odd since I have chronically low progresterone when pregnant. Eeeekb. So happy for you. I prayed and prayed!


  5. Now it’s my turn to say I’m sorry I missed this EXCITING news! Congratulations, that is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! May the betas keep on rolling in higher and higher, may everything go smoothly for Annie and your sweet baby/ies. What great news!


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