Ivan and Jenny!!!

I am busy at work but I HAVE to update you guys.

Got our day two phone call at about 2:10pm.  Both of the embryos are now 4-celled grade 1.  They are both frozen!!!

Do you know how huge this is for us?  In my first four cycles, all of the embryos that made it to day two were all 2-celled grade 1.  I NEVER had any 4-celled embryos on day two.

At this new clinic, we managed to now have banked three 4-celled grade 1 out of five frozen embryos on day two!!!

Praise the Lord! This is truly a miracle, especially in a cycle where we thought we would only have one follicle and one mature egg.  The second egg that was from a 12mm follicle on trigger day managed to become mature and turned into a 4-celled grade 1 embryo!

So happy that we decided to move forward and didn’t cancel this cycle!

I am grinning from ear to ear.

Welcome to the family, Ivan and Jenny!

24 thoughts on “Ivan and Jenny!!!

    • Annie!!! Great to hear from you. I read your family blog and can’t believe little man is already 8 weeks! I think of you often and am so glad you’re doing well. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!


    • Thank you so much! We’ll do two more retrievals and at the second one, we’ll transfer what we have for that cycle plus a couple more frozen ones. So I’m hoping for a December transfer before my clinic closes for lab cleaning and a big move across town. If not, then we’ll have to wait til February since the clinic won’t reopen until mid-late January.


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