What is a binky moongee?

You all know what a binky is, the little object that many babies love to have in their little mouths. My husband Bob, who is fascinated by babies and would love to have three or four of ours in the future, is obsessed with babies who suck on their binkies intently. He calls them binky moongee. Moongee (moon-jee) means “face” in Tamil, his mother tongue. We are both hoping and praying for a few binky moongees that we could call ours. Bob’s dream is to see a binky moongee pressing his or her moongee against the window looking forward to his return to home from work.  I really hope that Bob’s dream will come true in the near future.


14 thoughts on “What is a binky moongee?

  1. This has got to be one of the sweetest things I have read all week. Your description is so evocative, I can picture that sweet little face pressed against the window too! I hope you guys get your binky moongee very soon.


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