MicroblogMondays: Binky Moongee

I was a bit misty eyed when the idea of this blog post first popped into my head.

We started trying for a baby prior to the birth of this blog.  Bob was the one who suggested “binky moongee” as part of the blog’s name.  As I wrote in “What is a binky moongee?“, Bob’s dream had always been for his baby to press his/her face (“moongee” in Tamil, Bob’s mother tongue) on the glass of the window waiting for him to come home from work.  This dream was not fulfilled for quite many years.  Until now.

Every single day when Bob’s car pulls into the driveway or the spot in front of our house, I put Bunny and Okra right in front of the window.  They would press their noses on the glass while excitedly pounding their hands on the window.  They would spot Bob and start smiling and then laughing.  Bob would then come stand in front of them outside of the window calling their names and putting his big hands on the window where the babies’ small hands are.  It is such a joyful moment that concludes a very long work day for him.

The only thing is we can’t call these babies “binky moongee” because they had stopped using their binkies months ago.  Despite that, it is still so heartwarming to witness my dear husband’s dream being fulfilled on a daily basis after our long struggles.  We know that this blessing is not a given.  This realization makes it even more precious to see the kids’ reunion with their dad every single day.  We don’t have to hope and dream for a binky moongee anymore.  We are blessed with two.

7 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Binky Moongee

  1. Heart warming. So very heart warming.

    Thank you for sharing this. It is so hard to forget to take pleasure in these small but powerful moments some times and to remember how important and meaningful they really are. Especially in the chaos of toddlerhood!

    That picture just absolutely melted me. ❤


  2. Aw, this is so beautiful! I’m so happy for you and Bob. 🙂 How very precious that your babies are so excited to see him come home every day. It sounds like they completely love their daddy. 💕

    And also, what beautiful hair!! I so want to just rub my cheek against those soft fuzzy little heads!


  3. All’s well that ends well and your heartwarming story of Binky moongee marks a new beginning. Your little ones waiting for your husband by the window is a cute one 🙂
    I saw a reference to the language Tamil. Is there an Indian connection here?


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