Ultrasound Photos

These are our babies at 6 weeks 5 days.

At 8 weeks 5 days, they are so much bigger! They look like cheetos to me. 

At 10 weeks 5 days (3/6/2017), the babies now look like little people. 

12 weeks 5 days (3/20/2017):

16 weeks 2 days on 4/14/2017. They are so much bigger!

Here is the 3D image of Baby B:

The two babies head together on the ultrasound:

20 weeks 1day (5/11/2017):

24 weeks ultrasound. Baby A has a profile photo and Baby B was an alien. πŸ˜†

31 weeks 5 days:

Baby A had some very cute 3-D images, and nothing for Baby B who has been hiding his/her face for the last many weeks now. 

34 weeks 1 day scan, both babies made an appearance:

3 thoughts on “Ultrasound Photos

  1. Well aren’t they cuties!!!? Ah memories. You are going to love having twins. It’s such an adventure full of so much joy, sleeplessness, questions from strangers, cuddles, feeding, and WORTH EVERY minute of heartache. There is nothing and I mean nothing like holding your baby(s) for the first time. Thank you for sharing your journey.


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