MicroblogMondays: Transfer Day Is Here


Today, our embryo Max will be transferred into our gestational carrier Annie’s uterus.

After all these years of waiting, maybe today will really be the first time we meet our future baby.

Maybe because I was distracted by my overseas trip to see my grandma, I hadn’t thought much about the transfer until these past couple of days.  At this moment, things still feel so surreal.

It has been almost nine months since our last failed transfer.  It would have been past our due date if we had succeeded a pregnancy.  So many things happened in the last nine months and it is just so hard to believe that we have finally come to this point of physically placing an embryo in another woman so Bob and I can be parents of a live baby.

I am hopeful that the last nine months were not for naught.  I hope that the struggles we had in the last nine months will make the next nine months even sweeter, more hopeful, and more full of anticipation of a dream that will be fulfilled.

50 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Transfer Day Is Here

  1. So exciting! I am sending lots of positive thoughts and good energy for a successful transfer and a wonderful pregnancy! I am so excited for you and Bob.


  2. I’m so emotional and excited for you! Saying a prayer right now and sending lots of positive thoughts your way! I hope so bad that this is finally it for you and Bob! 🙏❤️🙏


  3. I am sending you guys such wonderful sticky vibes! I truly hope this is your time. I couldn’t hope it any more if I wanted to. Looking forward to great news in just over a week!


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