The Post I’ve Been Waiting to Write!!!

I am overjoyed to let you all know that we are indeed expecting and the magic beta on 8dp5dt is 204!!!!!!

I just can’t tell you how and why but I had been the most calm out of all the previous beta days.  From yesterday to today, there were a few moments when I was a little bit nervous.  But I checked myself and found that my shoulders were relaxed and my heart wasn’t pounding.  I was just calmly waiting most of the time.

Last night Annie told me that she felt queasy.  I was wondering if it was because of any hCG in her system.  But it could also be because of progesterone so I didn’t say much.

Annie texted me at 9:10am telling me that the blood draw was done.  From past experience, I knew that getting results from Annie’s hometown would take forever.  So I didn’t even anticipate a phone call until 4 something or even 5.  All day long my friends were checking in.  I would have told them if I got the results, yeah?  But it is also so very heartwarming to know that so many of you are rooting for us.

Dr. E called at 5:04pm.  I didn’t even think much and just picked up anticipating good news.  She didn’t wait and immediately yelled out “204!!!”  I was so overcome with emotions that I started screaming and yelling… then tears started streaming down my cheeks.  She was crying and I was crying.  It is so crazy to receive good news after so many years of bad news and heartaches.  She said that this number this early could mean both of the embryos might have taken.  It is a very strong number.  I said I hope it isn’t three.  She said that the embryos would have split by now if it were 3.  And the number would have been much higher.  I feel a bit better about that.  Thursday is beta two.  If the number is good, we will fly to Annie’s town for an ultrasound.  Dr. E said 6 weeks, but I may until  7 weeks or so to make sure we will have a heartbeat or heartbeats.  She said we should fly Annie to California for the appointment because it’s too cold in Annie’s state.  But I think we are due for a visit there.

Dr. E asked if I wanted to call Annie or let her call Annie.  I told her to call so I could call Bob.  Bob sounded a little dazed on the phone when he heard the news because I was crying.  He thought it was something bad.  I know that it’d take him a little bit of time to take everything in, and I know that he doesn’t want to get too far ahead of himself.  But he is very happy that we got great news.  The first thing he said was “Praise the Lord!!!”  Indeed.  Praise the Lord.  🙂

Annie and I connected on the phone.  She said that Dr. E asked her if she felt like she was knocked up.  She said yes, and Dr. E said, because you are knocked up!  Annie told me that all day today she was feeling like crap on top of feeling queasy yesterday.  Maybe the hCG is strong for her to feel symptoms.  Annie said she had been praying for a number over 200 and she got it!

Later on, I messaged her saying “Maybe I’ll have you pee on a stick”.  And after a few silent moments, she sent me a picture of a dollar store cheap pee stick with a light second line!  She said she couldn’t resist so she did it yesterday morning at 7dp5dt.  She didn’t tell me.  And now she was afraid that I was mad at her.  I told her that I wasn’t, but did tell her to go get a FRER tomorrow so she can pee on something that shows a darker line.

All my friends are so sweet.  They are so happy for us.  I just feel so loved.

Bob and I got together for dinner before he headed off to teach bible study.  When I walked across the street to meet him, we locked eyes and both were grinning to each other from ear to ear.  It was such a sweet moment to share with my life partner who has been there through thick and thin.

I pray that our good news will continue to come!  I will soak in the joy tonight.

51 thoughts on “The Post I’ve Been Waiting to Write!!!

  1. I have refreshed your blog about 40 times today hoping for this news!!! 204 is amazing and I am crying over here!! Praise the Lord indeed!! You and Bob are finally expecting and I will be keeping you all in my thoughts everyday until the baby(ies) are safely in Mommy’s arms. Xoxo

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  2. This is the post I’ve been waiting to read!!!! Congrats to you and Bob! I am incredibly excited for you and I will be here continuing to root you on! Ahhh totally made my night! Hugs!

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  3. I’ve been refreshing my reader all day waiting to see this goods news! So many congrats! You deserve all the happiness in the world!! I can’t wait to read about this adventure!

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  4. I’m so so happy for you and Bob!! I’m crying tears of joy for you over here. Sending so much love and prayers for continued good news. Will be stalking you Thursday! ❤️

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  5. I’m so happy for you guys!!! I’ve been a long-time reader in Canada cheering you on from afar and just could not be happier. Such amazing news!!!

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  6. I’ve been checking your blog and praying since yesterday morning, and am SO THANKFUL to wake up and read this post this morning!!

    CONGRATULATIONS! May the good news continue to roll in!!! 🙂

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  7. So incredibly happy for you!!! It’s been a long journey and it’s definitely your turn. This post has brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my heart. Will be keeping you in my thoughts through the milestones of this pregnancy. Xo

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  8. Words cannot express how happy I am for you and Bob! I’ve followed your blog since we began our IF journey four years ago and my heart broke for you with every setback and disappointment. Your faith in God is admirable and was an inspiration to me to never give up and keep hoping in the Lord. I pray for a full term, happy, carefree pregnancy for your surrogate. Congratulations!

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  9. I’ve been lurking on your blog for a long time, silently rooting for you. After 8 years of failure TTC, my AMAZING sister offered to be our gestational surrogate. We transferred two embryos and she delivered twins by c-section 8.5 months later. I’m thrilled to see your good news!!!! Here’s to hoping that it just keeps coming. 🙂

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