MicroblogMondays: Sleeping Through the Night

The babies are almost 5.5 months old and officially slept through the night for the first time on Saturday!

Prior to that, this was the schedule: bed time at 8pm, dream feed at 10ish pm, and waking up at 6:30 to 7am.  They had been consistently waking up after 6am without crying much.  On the days without night time help, I would wait until about 10:15 to 10:30 before feeding them.  Our night nanny made the suggestion to try to wean them off the 10pm feed.  I was initially hesitant because Bunny was drinking majority of her calories (6 oz) during her dream feed.  She is already smaller and gains weight more slowly to begin with.  I was nervous about not feeding her at night and for her to lose weight.  Our night nanny was not worried.  She had confident that Bunny would regulate herself during the day to load up her calories for the rest of the night.  So we were brave and made a decision to try on Friday.  That night, without the 10pm feed, Okra woke up crying at 5:35am.  We stalled their feed until 6:30am.  I would consider that a very good start.  Then on Saturday, the babies had their last meal at 7:30pm, went to bed at 8pm, and slept all the way until almost 7am!  And what is interesting and quite a relief is that the babies started to up their intake of formula during the day to get ready for sleeping through the night!  The human body is amazing and knows what to do.  I hope that this is not a one-off but a consistent schedule.  I already find it very freeing to not have to worry about feeding them at 10 something and I can actually go to bed early.

What a milestone to accomplish for the babies!  (And it makes our life a lot easier.)


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