MicroblogMonday: Two Sick Babies

One person in the house gets sick.  Everybody gets sick.

We are all taking turns being sick.  It was my mother first.  And then my husband.  Okra was the next one to catch whatever germs that made him cough and have a stuffy nose.  This has been lasting for almost two weeks now.  Shortly after he got sick, I caught his cold and have been quite miserable with a cough and stuffy nose as well.  Poor boy hadn’t been eating too well and lost a bit of chubbiness on his cheeks.  Bunny looked as lively as ever while brother was sick.  I was secretly and not so secretly hoping that she could be immune from all the illness.  No such luck.  As brother became better and better, baby girl started sneezing a bit and coughing once in a while.  These past two days she started to have a runny nose and a more serious cough.  She is still mostly in a good mood, but is crankier and clingier than usual.  Yesterday she threw up three times during her feeds.  She started coughing after taking in about 3.5 oz of formula.  According to an advice nurse with whom I spoke, her cough might have triggered her gag reflex that made her throw up.  It was quite scary to see her throw up so much.  I also don’t want her to be dehydrated.  It pains me to see the babies suffer, but I guess it is part of having kids.  They get sick and there is no avoiding it regardless of how careful we are with hand washing.  I just hope that this passes quickly so we can all be healthy again and can get out of the house again.


2 thoughts on “MicroblogMonday: Two Sick Babies

  1. In the middle of a family cold here too. I hate to say that it won’t get better for a while. I hope it passes soon and you have a good long break of being healthy before the next round comes along.


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