MicroblogMondays: An Era Ending?

A dear friend of mine finally became a mother a week ago.  She had made her embryos with egg donation a few years back and had a really difficult time finding a gestational carrier to carry for her.  After a very long journey, she finally got to hold her daughter in her arms.  My other friend is now in her second trimester also with DE after struggling to conceive with her own eggs for the last eight years.  I have met a ton of people in the last nine years because of my own fertility journey.  Many of them became good friends.  But now that I look around, I don’t have any friends that are struggling with having a baby.  An era of my life where many of my friends were met through my fertility journey is definitely coming to an end.  Nowadays most of the new friends that I meet are from mom groups.  I mean, I am still getting requests from friends to connect with their friends who are still on this journey, but these kinds of requests are becoming fewer and fewer.  I am sure eventually I won’t know anyone who struggles with infertility as I continue aging.  I know it is a natural progression of how life is.  My stage of life is mostly about parenthood, and my life and friends reflect it.  But it certainly feels a little weird that I don’t get to talk about treatments or feelings surrounding trying for a baby anymore especially after it had been a big part of my life for so long.

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