MicroblogMondays: Maternity Dress – Rebirth

I bought a maternity dress back in 2016, a few days before I found out that I might never carry my own children.  I wrote about it in this post.  As it turned out, I really never had the chance to get pregnant and carry a pregnancy to term.  This very pretty and brand new maternity dress has been sitting in one of my closets all these years.  When my dear friend finally got pregnant after trying for eight years, this maternity dress came to my mind again.  She and I are about the same size.  I suddenly had this thought that I should find it and give it to her.  Letting her have it and wear it with her baby bump is much better than hiding it in a dark closet.  I mentioned it to her when she first got pregnant.  She was so touched and gladly accepted my offer of the dress.  The other day, after realizing that she was almost 16 weeks, I felt that I should really let the dress see the light of day again.  Armed with a flashlight one night (since this particular closet doesn’t have light), I removed a bunch of other clothes and a bunch of Okra and Bunny’s toys to uncover this dress.  This peacock blue dress still stands out as much as when I first found it and bought it.  The tags are still on it.  I showed a picture to my friend and she is thrilled to be able to wear it soon one day.  She has another dress that looks similar but she still wants this dress because it is much more meaningful with its history.  I am confidently that my friend will look great it in.  It almost feels like she is not only going to wear this dress for herself, but for me and for her other friends who didn’t/don’t ever get to carry our own babies.  I said in the post about the maternity dress that one day I might put this dress into good use.  It is never too late. The timing is right as this day has definitely come.  I can’t wait to see her sporting this dress.

Second picture is what the dress would look like on a person (but in black).


4 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Maternity Dress – Rebirth

  1. How lovely! So glad your dress will be worn and appreciated and that a part of your history is acknowledged and honoured this way.

    I have a box of maternity clothes to do something with. I’m hoping my co teacher gets pregnant and she can take some of them but if not I’ll look for a charity.


  2. Glad the dress will be worn. It is nice. Also a reminder of how much maternity clothes have changed over the decades. That a baby bump can now be shown off is such a positive thing.


  3. I love that you are not resentful, and can enjoy the fact that your friend is going to wear the dress. And I love the fact that she is honouring your journey too, and feels how meaningful it is to wear it when you bought it with such hope. Lovely post.


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