MicroblogMondays: Pregnant Coworkers’ Lunch Conversations


There are down to two pregnant coworkers now.  They are both in their third trimester.  Like what I said a couple of weeks ago, I am mostly okay with them around me as I have adapted to their presence.  Some days I feel better than others.  It helps to know that our transfer will happen soon and maybe this is our time finally.

But at times, things do get tough.  Case in point, we had a potluck lunch last week for my pregnant supervisor’s birthday.  My original pregnant coworker who gave birth two months ago was also there.  She is still on maternity leave but she gets invited to parties.  She brought her very cute baby.  I could hear her exit the elevator and people go oohing and ahhing over that baby.  I went and closed the door.  I admit that I think he’s very cute, but I have no desires to hold him or have anything to do with him.  It’s interesting.  I seek out some babies and crave for my baby time with them, while I avoid others.  He’s super cute but I don’t want to hold him or be near him.

We have quite a few new coworkers who have joined us recently.  One of them has not met my original pregnant coworker with a baby.  This conversation happened during the potluck, may I add very loudly so everyone could hear it:

Pregnant coworker who just got married: (Pointing at the baby and his mother) She was pregnant. She just gave birth in the summer.

New coworker: (Nods)

Pregnant coworker: (Laughs) Yup everybody is pregnant.

Me: (Rolls eyes)

Another older coworker: Not everybody is pregnant.  I am not pregnant.  [Another coworker] is not pregnant.  Isabelle is not pregnant.

Me: (Shakes head and rolls eyes)

Why are pregnant women so smug?  If three out of 30 people in an office are pregnant, they think that “everybody” is pregnant?  And why did that older worker, who has a few grown kids of her own, feel the need to comment on my lack of children or pregnancy?

I do not know.  Maybe I am super sensitive about these things.  But this conversation made me super uncomfortable.  Nobody has any business in talking about me.  I don’t care if my rolling my eyes or shaking my head caught anyone’s attention.  This was not acceptable.

The very next day, by the time I was done with lunch, both pregnant coworkers were there at the same table as me.  One started talking about contractions and asked the other when she was going to take her prenatal classes.  At that point, I got up, packed up my things, and left.  I was very glad that I finished eating.  If this happened in the middle of my meal, I don’t know if I had the courage to sit there and finish eating while enduring another discussion of their current state of pregnancy.

They are going to give birth soon, so I will have my peace and quiet for at least a few months until they come back from their maternity leaves and start talking about their babies.

I am looking forward to a time of respite without pregnancy talks.


5 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Pregnant Coworkers’ Lunch Conversations

  1. Oh I so sympathize here. It is such a roller coaster of emotions and some days are easier than others. I am glad you can protect yourself when you need to and am super hopeful about your upcoming transfer. Xo


  2. I am the same way too…some babies I want to swoon and hold, and others I want nothing to do with. I think it has to do with their parents honestly!
    On another note, I am more sensitive than I used to be especially about pregnancy talk. People are clueless, and they should mind their business sometimes!


  3. I was like that too. My good friend got pregnant by accident with twins and miscarried one of them. I loved her surviving daughter and saw her all the time but when she got pregnant again while I was still trying… Well, I’ve seen that daughter only a handful of times.
    I know it’s hard but try to give those ladies a little grace. When you’re pregnant, that’s all you can think about. It’s similar to getting married when all you can think and talk about are the wedding plans. So many women just don’t know the heartache they’re causing and they would never say anything hurtful intentionally.


  4. Honestly, one of the things that annoyed me about pregnancy was the fact that it seemed like no one could talk to me about anything else. No “how’s work?” or anything like that, everyone just wanted to talk about my belly. Which is to say, it’s entirely possible your co-workers are as sick of talking about their pregnancies as you are hearing about them, but they have to be nice to others about it. I hope you get to find out what this is like very, very soon.


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