MicroblogMondays: Beta Day


Today is beta day.  Fourteen days past 2 day transfer.  Sixteen days past ovulation.

It also marks the day we find out if a child genetically linked to me will be a possibility in nine months, or if this is the end of one journey and the beginning of the next journey.  There is a sense of finale.

It feels huge to me.

I have been very calm and at peace, except for that one Friday morning.  And then Sunday night, I was a little more nervous, but nothing debilitating.  Overall, my emotions are as good as can be for someone in her two week wait.

I will go in today at around 8:30am to get my blood drawn.  I hope that my nurse will call me late morning or early afternoon.  She wrote me last week answering my question and saying “Fingers crossed to share good news with you!”

I am sure I will be increasingly anxious today.  But it’s okay.  I will accept it one way or the other.

Thanks so much for everyone’s prayers.  I feel very loved as we embark on our next journey, whether towards parenthood or donor egg cycles.

Will I be opening this tonight?


We will find out soon.


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