A Fun Trip to Denver – Take Two

(I don’t know what happened.  Wordpress has been acting up.  I wrote this whole post, triple-checked the preview, and posted it.  Then I found out that 2/3 of my post was not published.  This is take two.  Hopefully it works this time!)

It’s been a while.

Since my last post, we have flown over to Denver for a vacation and a wedding as well as done two more consultations. Let’s talk about the fun part first.

Bob and I had never been to Denver. When we received the wedding invitation to my friend K’s wedding, Bob had just lost his job. We calculated the cost and found that flying two people out of state with airfare, car rental, accommodations, and cost of food would cost more than a few hundred dollars. When you lost one income, you have to be cautious.  When we got married, K flew from Denver and sang at our wedding.  I felt that it was the least we could do to celebrate her and her fiance.  So we bit the bullet and bought the plane tickets.  I am so glad that we did as the trip happened right before Bob began his new job.  The timing couldn’t be more perfect.

We made plans to go to the mountains first before the wedding.  We rented a B&B in Estes Park just right outside of Rocky Mountain National Park.  We found ourselves with the most hilarious innkeeper who happened to LOVE Bob.  He talked a mile a minute, made us the yummiest breakfasts, and sat in the same room and chatted with us the whole duration of the breakfast.  Very interesting character.

Here are pictures of the breakfasts:

image photo (29)

We saw the most spectacular views.  We drove on the Trail Ridge Road and the sceneries were breathtaking.  The mountains were covered with snow.

image_1 image_3

We saw this at one of those gift shops in Grand Lake:


Bob loves it.

We visited many lakes and hiked up to one of them.  I was okay reaching the altitude of 12000 ft while riding in the car.  However, hiking one mile uphill starting at the altitude of 9450 ft was a bit much for me.  I can normally walk a mile or two without a problem.  However, at that height I was huffing and puffing every single second.  It really took me a while to get used to it.

Here is Bob’s back in front of a lake.


This is called Dream Lake and it did look like a dream.


One of the most interesting things is seeing one UPS truck after another driving in the deep mountains.  Seriously we saw more than six or seven USP trucks in one evening.  I guess people living remotely tend to do online shopping?

Remember a secret Face.book group that I have been a member of?  I had never met any of my friends in that group in real life, until this trip to Denver.  One of the ladies lives in a suburb.  We arranged to meet up and we had such a nice time with her.  She looks exactly like she appears online.  We got to see her newly built house, met her sons, and were treated to a very yummy lunch.

The wedding was so much fun.  We got a gift bag as out of town guests.


I don’t want to out my friend on this blog so I will not post any pictures of the wedding.  But I did take a picture of my Sweet Tea Lemonade, with Sweet Tea Vodka and lemonade:


All I can say is that I love her and I love how happy she looked on her wedding day.  My mind did go directly to my reaction if she announces her pregnancy in a few months.  Well, I’ll worry about it later.

When we came back from the trip, my mom was on her way to my cousin’s wife’s baby shower.  My cousin got married last October.  Shortly after that, I heard from my mom that his wife was pregnant.  She is due in September and my mother has been knitting her sweaters for her baby boy.  This has created a feeling of jealousy inside my heart as all I have hoped for is for my mother to make ME baby clothes, not for my cousin.  It’s a constant struggle to keep my feelings in check.  I surely do not want someone else to suffer from infertility like the way we do.  However, it’s not a good feeling that his wife, who is about 38, did not even have to try for a little bit before she found herself pregnant.  I told my mom that I am sorry but I usually don’t go to baby showers anymore.  I am glad that I wasn’t invited to this one.  My mother brought home two bars of chocolate that were given to us as favors from the shower.  Each bar was custom-made with the baby’s information and the parents’ information.  I guess this is a current trend for favors for baby showers since I’ve seen it from someone else’s shower.  I quickly flipped the chocolate bars over so I wouldn’t have to look at the content of the label.  I just can’t believe that some people get lucky so easily and others have to struggle for so long…

Anyhow, that was the trip!  It was lovely.  Bob started his new job a few days ago.  So far so good.  I will write another post about the consultations.


8 thoughts on “A Fun Trip to Denver – Take Two

  1. Your photos look gorgeous! My mother has knit mant hats and sweaters for my cousin’s kids and little Myrtle and it really gets to me. I also have similiar thoughts that I wouldn’t wish infertility on anyone, there is something so unfair about those who conceive on their first try or without really trying. C’mon, I just want them to spend one month using OPKs!


  2. I’m glad you had fun in Denver. My husband has been wanting to go back to Estes Park ever since he went there on a road trip in college. Maybe someday.
    I understand the jealousy, most definitely. My grandmother told us over and over that an antique rocking chair from her mother would go to the first grandchild to have a baby. Well, my cousin (my grandmother’s great-niece, not her granddaughter, mind you) got pregnant when I had been trying for a full year. My grandmother gave the rocking chair to her, not knowing we were desperately trying to have a baby. I can’t hold it against my cousin, and she doesn’t need to know, but it was deeply hurt by that. Thank goodness your mom can still make baby clothes for you future baby. I hope so much that it happens soon!


  3. I can’t believe how lucky others are and how little they have to try. It looks like you had a fabulous trip! So great that your husband has started his new job too 🙂


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