Too Good To Be True

Beta came back at 23.  I am crushed.  I would rather not get pregnant than to have it taken away from me.  Back to square one.


42 thoughts on “Too Good To Be True

  1. Oh girl I am so sorry! I have been praying lots since you reported your first number. I remember when I did IVF I was told anything under 50 meant I was considered pregnant but to remain “cautiously optimistic”. So I was praying that maybe you had tested too early or that the numbers would spike super high by your second beta. I know what you are feeling and I’m terribly sorry. I have been there. It feels like your gut has been punched and the wind has been knocked out of you. God can turn this mess around for good and He will if we allow Him to by not giving up or losing faith in Him. Let me know if you need anything!! Don’t let the devil steal your hope and faith! hugs!!


  2. I’m so sorry. I have had 2 low betas (around 50) at 9dp5dt with donor eggs that didn’t work out so I was afraid for you. I agree that a BFN is better than this as it is ripped away as quickly as it was given. Be gentle with yourself and cry it out when you need to. Hugs.


  3. With my first pregnancy (and miscarriage), I felt the same way you did; that I’d rather never have been pregnant than been pregnant for only a couple of days. With my next pregnancy, though, a year later, even though it too ended in miscarriage, I was determined that I would love that baby as much and as hard as I could for as long as I carried the baby.
    Losing your baby is hard, and, I understand that it’s doubly hard because you lost both Clay and Eli and you’re starting over, but they were your children. And, however brief their lives were, they were your children and they had life and they were important to you and to all of us. And I love them and I will miss them forever.


  4. Isabelle, I know all too well that there’s nothing anyone can say to ease the pain that you’re feeling right now. I’m so absolutely devastated for you and wish more than anything this wasn’t happening to you too. You know that I am always here if you want to talk or vent. Big warm internet hugs to you and Bob.


  5. Oh no I’m so so sorry. This is just heartbreaking. I’ve been there and know what you mean about wishing the BFP never happened. It makes the pain so much worse. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.


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