Next (And Hopefully the Last) Frozen Embryo Transfer

Somehow I have been putting off writing about this.  I can’t explain why.

When my period started in December, my nurse gave me a calendar.  I started taking birth control pills on day two of my cycle.  Exactly 21 days after I had been on the pills, I started spotting, just like the previous cycle.  But unlike my reaction last time, I have been very chill this time.  I know that it is not a big deal that I bleed while on birth control pills.  I didn’t even write my nurse.  I just continued with the pills until the last dose without fussing about it.

My last day of the pill was yesterday, January 7th.  I am supposed to start the estrogen patches next Tuesday if menses have already begun.  I have been bleeding more and more heavily, almost like a full flow.  I have been instructed to call my nurse to schedule for an ultrasound if full flow doesn’t come.  So I believe that I don’t need that ultrasound to make sure that my lining is thin.

My nurse called me out of the blue yesterday to check on me.  I was both surprised and touched.  She really didn’t have to check on me because she had already given me a calendar and I should just be following it.  But since she hadn’t talked to me since before the holidays, she wanted to make sure that everything was good with the pills, Lu.pron, and all the other meds.

I ordered my meds before the end of the year so I can count the medical expenses for 2015.  I was shocked to learn that the original pharmacy I ordered Lu.pron from jacked up the price from $189 to $295.  Instead of ordering a refill from them, I had to contact my nurse to put in a script for another pharmacy.  As for my other meds, I feel fortunate that I got help from others.  I recently met a lady who got pregnant with twins at my clinic using frozen donor eggs.  She only got six eggs (unlike the 10 eggs that I got).  Five thawed and four fertilized.  She transferred two day-three embryos and both took.  The other two day-three were frozen.  She is going to be a single mother by choice.  The interesting thing is, I wasn’t jealous of her at all.  I  was actually very happy for her that she found success and she could end her 8 years of fertility journey with babies.  She mentioned to me that she had some estrogen patches leftover from her cycle that she could give me.  On top of the leftover ones I had from last cycle, her patches, and the sample that Jane will give me, I only needed to order 7 patches instead of 32.  Call me lucky.  😀

Oh yes.  I started my Lu.pron.  Very uneventful except for me spilling some on the table.  Bob is usually the one who draws the liquid for me because I am always scared of spilling.  I decided to practice drawing the liquid on the first day of Lu.pron in preparation for my girls’ getaway weekend (which starts today after work!).  I successfully drew 10 units of the liquid but forgot to invert the vial right side up before I took out the needle.  Gravity pulled the liquid out and it made a line of it on the table.  Duh.  I should have thought of it, but I didn’t.  It freaked me out.  After that one incident, I shied away from drawing the liquid for a couple of days.  But knowing that I eventually would have to do it myself over the weekend, I finally gathered enough courage to practice again, this time pulling out the needle while the vial is firmly pressed on the table.  No spillage.  Phew.

My lining check will be on January 25th.  If the lining is good, we’ll do a transfer.  I did see on the calendar that the transfer window is between February 1st and 5th.  When I  saw that, I was a little puzzled about the dates because I always thought that transfer would happen five days after the lining check, which should be January 30th or 31st.  However, those dates are on the weekend.  My nurse clarified it for me.  Since we have the embryo already, the IVF nurse will look at the clinic’s schedule on the lining check day to see which day between February 1st and 5th the clinic can accommodate my transfer.  I didn’t know that it works like that.  So from the start of my birth control pills, it takes more than 7 weeks before we can transfer.  It just seems like many many weeks.  But I won’t fret over it.  It is whatever it is.  The timing of things doesn’t really matter in the big scheme of things.  If we transfer on February 1st, beta could be the day before Bob’s birthday and second beta could be the day after.  Hmmm…..  Maybe I’ll give him the best birthday present ever?  I just hope that it won’t be the repeat of our first transfer also around Bob’s birthday two years ago.  I really want this to be a great birthday present for him.

For now, I won’t think too much about it.  I will focus my energy on my girls’ weekend.  One day at a time, yeah?


7 thoughts on “Next (And Hopefully the Last) Frozen Embryo Transfer

  1. Enjoy your girls’ weekend! I wouldn’t be jealous of the lady who’s going to be a single mom of twins either. Don’t get me wrong, every pregnancy is a miracle, but yikes. 🙂 Wish you the best!


  2. I really hope that this ends up being the absolute best birthday present that you ever give to Bob! February can’t get here fast enough. I wish you all the luck in the world, friend.


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