“Babe you have some nice mustache”

I think I am more conscious than ever about my “mustache”, or what my husband calls “Wu So” (mustache in Cantonese).

At my bridal shower, we played a game where I had to answer questions and compare my responses to Bob’s pre-recorded answers on a video.  One of the questions was “What was the first thing that you noticed about her on your first date?”  I blurted out “My mustache!” because he would always say to me “Babe, I kept “admiring” your mustache on our first date.”  Needless to say, I didn’t score on that one because his answer for that particular question was “Her height” (I am 5’8″ and he is 6’5″).  I immediately yelled out “Liar!” during my bridal shower because he definitely never told me about my height but often teased me about my “mustache”.

I don’t believe I have a mustache but I do have light facial hair over my lips.  I cannot justify calling it mustache because you will not notice it unless you’re one inch away from my face.  I did do my husband a favor and shaved my “mustache” for the first and the last time in my life on our wedding day.  Bob continues to tease me about my mustache and I don’t take him seriously.   He would say, “Babe, you have some nice ‘Wu So'”.  Well, jeez, thanks honey.

When we first met with Dr. E, she recommended taking DHEA right away to improve egg quality.  I had been on high FSH forums long enough to learn of many DORer’s negative opinions on DHEA and how it messed them up.  I was being extra careful and asked Dr. E if it’d be a problem for me, i.e. already having high testosterone.  I glanced at Bob sideways, looked at Dr. E, and said that I don’t want more mustache if I don’t have to.  She reassured me that I would be okay.  But if I’m worried, I can test my testosterone before we begin.  When the results came back, I had to laugh because Dr. E jokingly said, “Tell your husband that you’re definitely very feminine.”  Yup.  The following was printed on the lab results: “Testosterone, Total <20”.  The normal range for female is <20.  “Free Testosterone: Results less than or greater than linearity, Unable to calculate.”  So apparently my free testosterone could not even be found.

So why go into this length about my “Wu So” and what not?  Well, ever since I started DHEA three months ago, I have been seeing more prominent upper lip hair.  I look in the mirror in the morning and the hair does not go unnoticed.  Of course my husband’s ongoing joke of hey-baby-your-wu-so-looks-so-nice doesn’t help.  It could be psychological that I “see” extra facial hair.  But DHEA does give me some other side effects that are not very desirable.  I have been sprouting pimples on my chest area. Good thing they don’t grow on my face.  Another gross side effect is loose stool.  I am known for solid and regular bowel movement (I know, TMI and gross, right?).  Not since a few months ago.  Of course I did start a bunch of supplements at the same time so I could also blame the other things.  But after talking to my acupuncturist who’s very knowledgeable about these things, I do think that DHEA is the culprit.  When I do Day 2 blood work at the beginning of the next cycle, we’ll definite check my testosterone level to see if it’s the right time to stop the facial hair growing potion/pill.

Maybe my BM will improve and be back to normal as well?  Can’t wait…


11 thoughts on ““Babe you have some nice mustache”

  1. OMG I have had quite a lot of diarrhoea recently, I’m wondering if its DHEA too. Greasy skin too. I don’t really care at this stage though. It’s not bad enough for me to want to stop. I fe like a walking science experiment!!


  2. The damn moustache! I try and take it lightly, i always make fun of my little brother saying that my moustache is better than his. But it is hard to have. Plucking doesn’t work because my hair is too fine, still dark enough to see!
    Waxing and bleaching are always an option. . . hope things work out soon and get less hairy xx


  3. Haha, it’s funny, for some reason I’ve always associated pimples and moustaches and all that with strong fertility… maybe because it reflects the crazy hormonal drive that occurs in adolescence and into your early twenties, when everyone is at their most fertile. Anyway, I’d embrace it! You can always wax it off, too, which will last longer than shaving… takes two seconds. 🙂


  4. that’s interesting. This is the first I’ve heard side effects of DHEA discussed so I am curious to hear if you’ll be able to “prove” the link. If it does help increase fertility it is worth it of course…


    • Definitely side effects from DHEA. I stopped taking it right after retrieval. So those two weeks before my next period came, my pimples were gone and BM was smooth. Once I started back on DHEA, both of those things were back.


  5. You should try threading! I don’t have much hair on my upper lip, and it’s only in the corners and light enough (eyebrows on the other hand…), but every once in a while I get it done. It hurts so, so much and I kind of look like a clown afterwards, but that goes away after about an hour. It’s cheaper and less irritating to the skin.


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