MicroblogMondays: Road Trip #2

Today is the second day of our second road trip with our twins.  Yesterday we drove 275 miles down south from home.  This is the farthest that the kids have gone from home.  They did relatively well.  Other than whimpering once in a while, Bunny did not cry at all.  Okra napped twice and finally had a full meltdown 30 minutes before arrival.  I’d consider that a win.  We have rented a hotel suite with a living room and kitchen.  The hotel provided two pack n’ plays.  The kids were probably confused about what was going on despite me trying to explain to them that we were going on a road trip.  They explored all the rooms and tried to open doors, drawers, and cabinets.  We tried to contain Bunny by putting her in her pack n play.  At the end of the night, she figured out how to climb out of it.  Three times.  You could see her brain work.  Haha.  But once the sleep sack went on, it was a lot harder for her to try. Plus that acted as a cue for sleep time. Okra had a much harder time settling down.  Poor guy was confused.  He finally went down for bed.  And despite my best effort with a packing list, we forgot one of the most important things: sound machine.  Fortunately the iPad has white noise on it.  Those who say that with little kids you take trips, not vacations are absolutely right.  I was exhausted last night from the driving, chasing kids, taking care of their needs, and outwitting them.  Hopefully we will have some fun today.

Here is our packed car.  Doesn’t look too bad!

4 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Road Trip #2

  1. I’m glad it’s going okay! I have to share your “with kids, you take trips, not vacations” with my friend who just came back from a Florida “vacation” with her 2 and 4 year old daughters. She was like, “the sun and warmth were nice, but that was NOT relaxing!!!” Your car is so neatly packed, I am in awe of your organization skills. Which you probably need for survival, taking a road trip with toddler twins! 🙂


  2. On return, make written list of what you took. Note what was needed and what was not AND what you wish you had had but forgot. KEEP LIST as basis for written check list for next trip. Yes, kids will grow and change but having written check list works for surgery, airplane pilots and traveling with children.
    They are closing in on when small items from dollar store, wrapped with tape, can be added as rewards/boredom breaks. Reason for tape is that it will take the child longer to figure out how to unwrap and every second of distraction is lovely.


  3. I always remember a friend of mine coming back from an extended family trip to Bali. She was horrified to find she hadn’t been able to lie beside the pool, but had spent all the time looking after her two young boys. I laughed, because I could have told her it wouldn’t be like that.

    It sounds like you all did very well. 275 miles is a LONG way! (I had to convert to kms, and it was even longer than I thought.)

    I’ve very impressed by Bunny being so clever, and I’m also impressed by the neat packing of your car!

    Also, you taught me something new. A “pack and play” is called a “portable cot” here.


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