First Solo Tar.get Trip

I had my first solo Tar.get trip since the babies came home.  Our new mini-van is super spacious for all the stuff that I had to buy, but it felt kind of funny to be driving it around without the babies behind me.

I am going to try the store brand diapers.  If they are good, maybe we can save on that category.

The first trip away from the babies was good for me.  I am so grateful for my parents who are there to watch the babies.


Happy Staycation

Since I have a lot of vacation time, I am taking this whole Thanksgiving week off.  I feel that I am busier than when I go to work. It’s a good kind of busy though.  Let me tell you what I did.

Yesterday was a fun day.  It started out with my scan early in the morning.  We again got there late (wink wink Mr. Bob) for our 8:15 appointment.  And the nurse didn’t call me in until after 9.  I wasn’t very nervous about the delay because I was off from work, although poor Bob actually had to start heading back to work.   I was expecting the usual nurse practitioner but in walked Dr. No Nonsense to the exam room.  I was so surprised because out of the ten plus times that we had done monitoring ultrasound, I had not seen Dr. No Nonsense.  It was good to see him, although he didn’t do the ultrasound himself.  The nurse measured my lining which was 7.7mm.  Hmm… a bit thinner than two days ago.  And it wasn’t trilaminar.  On the right side, she measured the smaller follicles first.  The 13mmer had become 14mm.  The bigger follicle was now at 18mm.  Dr. NN said in a very cheerful voice, “Let’s trigger tonight and get that one egg!”  I am sure he’s saying one egg to cover his behind.  I know we’re all secretly hoping for two eggs.   He also said, “See you at retrieval”.  Wow, I get my own RE to do my retrieval this time?  Maybe this is a lucky cycle.  So I stayed behind to wait for one of the nurses to go over trigger instruction with me while Bob left to go to work.  It’s interesting how every single time I am presented with the pre-anesthesia questionnaire even though I have already told them multiple times that I won’t be using anesthesia.  Every time I have to explain to a new nurse why I don’t need to fill it out.  I was instructed that I’d get a phone call between three and six for the exact time of retrieval.  I confirmed that it is indeed going to be Dr. NN who will do my retrieval.  I inquired about Ganir.elix since I was worried that I’d ovulate prematurely.  The nurse explained that with this protocol they don’t usually do Ganir.elix even though I had used them in the last two cycles.  Since this cycle I wasn’t using any drugs at all, I wouldn’t be using my Ganir.elix.  She said she’d confirm with Dr. NN.

After that, I walked into Starbu.cks to get a nice hot drink for myself.  The sun was shining outside and I was feeling good about being on vacation.  I ordered myself a chestnut and praline latte, which was actually quite tasty.  I was excited because I was going to head over to the other side of the bay for an important date.  What’s better than spending the first day of your staycation with the one and only lovely Jane Allen?  Her office is five minutes away from my chiropractor.  So I suggested having lunch with her before my appointment.  Jane looked wonderful.  Our Japanese meal was excellent.  The conversation was great.  The lunch hour went by very quickly.  Thanks so much for meeting with me and for treating!

My chiropractic visit was as good as usual.  My 78-year-old practitioner asked about our fertility treatment and then expressed his dissatisfaction about his six children because none of them have any kids.  I guess it is tough to be have no grandchildren when you have so many kids yourself.

After the chiro visit, I drove locally to visit with my friend who just had triplets.  Remember the one who got pregnant with triplets after having multiple early losses?  I walked into her house and she was nursing one of the triplets in the living room.  I chatted with her there while she nursed.  Then we went into the family room where the other two babies were sleeping on the couch.  She has to hire full-time help because there is no way for her to take care of all three babies while her husband goes to work.  Since it was 45 minutes before the babies’ meal time, my friend and I had the time to chat for a little bit.  She is exhausted.  She gets at most three hours of sleep.  Her husband has to get up early in the morning to leave at around 6am for work, but he doesn’t sleep well either.  She nurses all of the babies and supplements them with formula.  Imagine nursing three babies multiple times a day, plus pumping as well.  I don’t know when she finds time to do anything else.  I was holding the one who just nursed for about thirty minutes.  He is the singleton.  That’s why he’s the biggest and healthiest one.  The twins are a bit smaller.  One of the twins is barely six pounds.  Considering that he was only 1.5 pounds when he was born at 29 weeks, I would say six pounds is pretty good.  My friend also told me about the C-section, how the first two babies cried loudly but the third one was taken away from her to be rushed to the NICU without crying, how she needed two blood transfusions, and how she needed emergency surgeries due to her bowel displacement and hernia.  We also discussed about having multiples and the whole issue regarding selective reduction.  I didn’t know that but selective reduction wouldn’t be done until 16-week gestation and it would only be done to the identical twins because they were more high risk.  My friend decided to keep all the babies.  Although it is beyond hectic right now, she does not regret her decision.  She kept on saying, It’s so worth it.  Then our conversation got interrupted because the other two babies started waking up and crying.  So everybody was busy changing diapers, feeding the babies, and making more formula.  I can only imagine if she doesn’t have help.  After this visit and having a glimpse of the crazy life of a mom with three babies, I really just want one healthy singleton pregnancy and one child at a time.

It was wonderful to be holding a little baby for thirty minutes though.  🙂 He smelled so good!

My confirmation phone call with the nurse informed me that the retrieval would be on Wednesday at 9am, and the trigger shot should be done at 11pm, 34 hours before retrieval.  And yes.  No Ganir.elix.  Let’s hope that I won’t ovulate on my own……

Today was a great second day of my staycation.  I met up with my high school best friend for coffee.  He came to visit from Chicago.  We sat at a coffee place in downtown for almost two hours, chatting about everything.  I told him all the details about mini-IVF and the ups and downs of all the cycles.  He actually understood what I was talking about.  Then we talked about his life, his work, and his one and only daughter.  I know that he and his wife have been trying for number two for the last couple of years.  He’s not worried though.  He and his wife haven’t really discussed the next steps, i.e. whether to go see a doctor or not.  I feel like because he already has a child, he is not as anxious as I am to get pregnant.  It was just very nice to get together with a long time friend.  After we said good-bye, I walked to the entrance of Bob’s building and sent him a text.  He was very pleasantly surprised to find me downstairs.  I had never been to his office so I wanted to see.  It was so nice to see his work place, meet his coworkers, and watch him do his twice-daily burpees before I left.

I love being in downtown because of the stores and all the shopping I can do.  I had ordered a v-neck cashmere cardigan from this store that would arrive in the mail today.  I wanted to go the physical store to try on a crew-neck one just to see.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a promotion on those sweaters and got a $10 off.  When I got home, I also found the box of sweater that had arrived.  I will look like a Christmas tree as the sweaters are red and green.  When I went to pick up my Val.ium for tomorrow, I went next door to shop for shoes.  Bob had promised to buy me a pair of long boots for Christmas.  And I found a pair!  I remember having a $20 off coupon at home.  So I placed the boots on hold and went back after dinner with Bob to buy them with the $20 off.   Now my big box of boots is sitting on the living room floor where a Christmas tree will stand.  I said to Bob, “We got a Christmas present before we have a Christmas tree!” to which Bob responded, “You bought a Christmas present before Thanksgiving!”

That’s very true.  Happy staycation, happy Thanksgiving, and happy early Christmas!

Oh and happy retrieval tomorrow!