MicroblogMondays: Movements

I am currently in Annie’s town.  Bob and I came to spend time with her and her family, and we took professional photos yesterday.  It has been such a lovely visit.  Annie has been doing very well, and we had a great time at the photo shoot.  I can’t wait to see how the photos turn out.  Today I will meet with the nurse practice manager at the hospital where Annie will give birth, and I will also attend Annie’s first non stress test today.  It has been a very eventful and enjoyable weekend.

One of the reasons we really wanted to make a trip here so close to delivery date was for the babies’ movements.  Ever since Annie started to feel them, I had wanted to come and see/feel them move as well.  I was a bit sad that I couldn’t do that because we weren’t planning on coming.  Well, everything fell into place and here I am now.  It has been so magical these past few days.  I sat next to Annie multiple times a day and had my hands on her baby bump.  She would tell me where to put my hands and all of a sudden I would feel a shake or a wave.  Sometimes it would take many many minutes before the babies moved again.  Now I can tell which movement is from which baby.  Baby A is currently in the anterior portion and lower on the right bottom of the belly.  Baby B is across behind Baby A.  So all the movements that are more obvious are from Baby A, and all the more subtle movements from the top portion of the belly are from Baby B.  In the afternoon Baby A was moving quite a lot.  After dinner and a walk, Baby A was super quiet, and Baby B started turning and moving like crazy.  The next morning Annie told us that Baby A woke up at 5am and just moved around and woke Annie up.  It looks like we have one early bird and one nigh owl.  It has been quite amazing to see the movements.  At church on Sunday, Annie tapped me on my shoulder and pointed at her belly.  We could see parts of her bump moving and bulging out quite a few times.  Baby B must have been really excited about the pastor’s sermon.  ūüôā

I feel very grateful that things have been going so well, and we finally got to see and feel the babies’ movements.  This great sense of gratitude is also mixed in with a bit of sadness, a bit of jealousy, and a bit of surreality.  The babies are doing so well, and being able to feel their movements just highlights to me how alive and well they are.  A year ago we wouldn’t have imagined being here today, feeling their movements, and taking maternity photos.  At the same time, I look at my own body and my not-so-flat tummy that isn’t growing any life inside of it, for a moment, I was overcome with a sense of loss.  This journey has been so complicated and there are so many complex emotions to sort through.  I am glad that I feel positive, joyful, excited, and full of anticipation most of the time.  But boy, when these sad feelings hit, there is no hiding.  Although I have felt some sadness, I wouldn’t trade these moments for anything else, because this is God’s path for us, and these are the babies that He has entrusted with us.  Without our struggles and my inability to carry, these particular babies wouldn’t be the ones that we will meet in the very near future. 

God works in amazing ways, and these babies are a testament to that.


MicroblogMondays: Almost 28 weeks, and Things Are Looking Up

Almost 28 weeks here. ¬†Today, at 27 weeks 5 days, we will have our ultrasound at 10am. ¬†We were all supposed to be there with Annie this weekend for this appointment. ¬†Ever since Annie’s anxiety and hemorrhoid problems, we canceled this trip that was also supposed to be for our maternity photo shoot not knowing if she was going to up for moving around and smiling in front of the camera. I was bummed about not being able to go or to have my photo shoot but didn’t want to force things on anybody. ¬†So I was okay with canceling. ¬†As usual, I will be attending today’s appointment virtually by video conferencing Annie in the ultrasound room. ¬†I hope that we will continue to have good news all around.

Speaking of Annie, she seems to be doing so much better these days. ¬†Interactions with her remind me of the Annie pre-anxiety attack. ¬†She is slowly going back to being her old self. ¬†I am so psyched to see that we can freely contact her without feeling as if we are walking on eggshell. ¬†I felt that Bob had become a little guarded with his feelings after the whole thing with the anxiety attack. ¬†We talked a few times about going to visit Annie one weekend and spend time with her as well as to feel the babies’ movements, but nothing really materialized. ¬†Two weeks ago, Bob and Annie were exchanging emails with regard to something computer related that he was helping her with. ¬†Annie mentioned that the babies were saying hello by moving around a lot while she was writing the email. ¬†This must have touched Bob’s heart somehow because after that he told me that we should really find a time to go visit in July or August. ¬†We can’t go in July as all the weekends have been booked. ¬†Plus the plane tickets are pricey. ¬†The first weekend of August seems to be a good choice. ¬†We finally booked the tickets to arrive at Annie’s town the first Friday in August late evening. ¬†Bob will come home that Sunday so he doesn’t have to miss work. ¬†I have arranged for myself to fly home a day later so hopefully I can attend an OB appointment with Annie that Monday as we will reach 32 weeks then and Dr. OB wants to see her twice a week for non-stress test.

Remember that maternity photo shoot I have always wanted to do? ¬†Annie is totally up for it. ¬†So I contacted the photographer that we have booked for the birth photography and she can do a session for us the Sunday morning of our August trip! ¬†I know that the light before sunset is the best, but we don’t have that kind of time as the photographer is already booked that Saturday. ¬†But it doesn’t matter. ¬†I am just so grateful that we still have a chance to do this barring the babies deciding to come any time before that. ¬†(My hope is that they will stay put until much later.)

Getting my hair colored and cut was one of the items on my to-do list called “Before Twins”. ¬†White hair has sprouted all over my head the last six months. ¬†I had never highlighted or dyed her hair, so getting it colored was a bit scary. ¬†But, I would like to look more youthful for my babies, so I finally made an appointment with my usual hair stylist and got my hair colored dark brown for the first time in my life. ¬†I love the new hair color! ¬†It looks very natural on me, and it does make me look a lot younger as it covers up all my white hair.

This new hair color and cut is totally photo shoot ready.  Now I just have to figure out what clothes to coordinate with everyone and the style of photography I want.

Our C-section was originally scheduled for September 15th, at 38 weeks 2 days. ¬†Annie picked out a Friday because her husband was originally going to attend a 3-month training 9 hours away starting in late August so she thought that a Friday might be easier for him to take time off. ¬†Apparently, her husband’s supervisor decided to postpone his training to January 2018 because he does not want Kenneth to be distracted by the birth and what’s happening at home. ¬†I know that Kenneth is a bit bummed about it, but right now at least he’ll be around during the last few weeks of the pregnancy to help out so Annie doesn’t feel stressed about single-parenting anymore. ¬†Annie asked us if we could move the C-section date to a Sunday or Monday so that Kenneth could stay home with the kids on his days off while she recuperates in the hospital. ¬†Originally we were okay with moving it earlier to that Monday prior, which will be 37 weeks 5 days. ¬†However, Bob doesn’t want the babies to be associated with a birthday on September 11th. ¬†Today, we will ask Dr. OB if 37 weeks 4 days (Sunday) will be too early or 38 weeks 4 days (the following Sunday) will be too late. ¬†You know, we can plan all we want, but the babies may decide to come earlier.

On the home front, we have made a ton of progress. ¬†All the furniture that needed to be moved out of the babies’ room got moved. ¬†We put one of the book cases in our bedroom, which has made our room look so much nicer somehow. ¬†The shades that we ordered should arrive any time and we’ll have them installed. ¬†We have kept all the books that we want and put away the ones that we don’t need anymore. ¬†The house is looking better each weekend. ¬†The car seats and the extra bases that my mom bought for us are waiting in the garage. ¬†We even have the cribs! ¬†A church friend totally surprised us and bought the cribs on our registry for us. ¬†I never expected anyone to buy them for us let alone a friend. ¬†Having these baby items in our house makes it all very real that we will have some new members who will occupy (invade?!?) our otherwise very tidy and clean space very soon.

Can you believe that we are almost done with the second trimester? ¬†If all goes well (and the twins stay put for as long as possible), we’ll meet our babies in about 10 weeks. ¬†It is still so surreal but at the same time so real. ¬†It is a little scary to not know how things will all unfold, but I can hardly wait to have the babies in my arms! ¬†In a matter of weeks, our lives will forever change.