Lucky Pee Cup and Lucky FRER

I am so thankful for all of you who celebrated with us yesterday!  Thanks for being there.  It still has not quite sunk in that my name and the word “pregnant” are associated with each other.  I was in a daze all day yesterday… Just couldn’t believe that it was really happening.  Everything took extra long to do; cooking, cleaning, writing notes at work, etc.  Just getting the news made me a little… in shock.

I went for a last minute acupuncture appointment.  Last week after my appointment, I was telling the receptionist that I wouldn’t schedule for an appointment this week. I was taking a break.  Really, deep down, I didn’t believe that the beta would be positive.  So once I found out about it, I immediately emailed my acupuncturist and she squeezed me in.  She said she could help my body accept the embryo more.  I’m so grateful that I have such a great relationship with her that she took me in right away.  

Throughout the night, I had a headache that lasted from about 7pm to this afternoon.  Almost 24 hours.  My go-to magic pill is usually Excedrin.  Then I realized immediately that it wasn’t safe to take Excedrin during a pregnancy.   I emailed my RE to confirm.  I fought the headache for a few hours then finally decided to pop two Tylenol.  It really didn’t help much.  So I had a headache on and off all night long.  I was also exhausted after I made dinner last night.  It was priceless to see Bob’s face when he came home.  That big grin on his face just melted my heart.  

My Facebook secret group ladies were urging me to POAS.  I really wasn’t going to do it.  But somehow I got convinced that I would want to see those two lines and I deserve to see them.  They really wanted to see the lines too.  So this morning, I took out my Lucky Pee Cup that I got from the moderator of the secret group as a gift from our Secret Santa in December.  This Lucky Pee Cup has got some serious bling on it.  I took out a FRER that my Dear Colleague gave me a couple of years ago.  It was a box of two.  She used up one for her second baby and gave me the other one.  I also took out a Wondfo.  Well, I have to say that I was risking my marriage because Bob was NOT happy that I was going to test after he left for bootcamp.  He thought that POAS would just stress me out more.  Of course I don’t listen to him.  I dipped the FRER in the pee cup and did the same for the Wondfo.  Waiting for the lines to come up was a bit nerve wracking.  And finally, those lines did come up:


My first ever BFP in my life.  That box of FRER must have been lucky.  Two pink lines for both sticks.

And here is the lovely Lucky Pee Cup that was made specially by the lovely Maria:



Bob came home.  I showed him the sticks.  He was grinning from ear to ear.  After all, he wasn’t mad at me for testing since the second line came up.  But he really doesn’t want to test again.  Comparing the darkness of the lines will just drive me crazy and stress me out.  I agree with him.  So after tomorrow’s beta, I will most likely just use the CB digital so I can see the word “pregnant”.  Then I’ll put everything away.  

Second beta is tomorrow at 7:45am.  I have been feeling quite calm all day today.  At times it freaks me out a little when I feel the discharge from using the Endometrin and think that I must be spotting or bleeding.  It really helps to read this post by Elisha.  One day at a time.  Today I want to believe that this will be okay in the end. I think that this baby, whoever it is inside me, deserves to be loved and cared for from day one.  

To end, for giggles, this is what Bob asked me just now:

“Hey babe, the pregnancy line cannot be caused due to progesterone right?”  Poor babe, he was worried that it was a false positive.

No babe.  No amount of progesterone can create a second line for you!