MicroblogMondays: Catching Up

It has been exactly 6 months since I last posted.

Life has been busy.  I think about this blog from time to time, and think about writing a post.  So here are some random things about my life in no particular order.

Age four seems to be the hardest age for us.  My daughter Bunny turned from the most easygoing and chill child to a highly emotional and whiny child.  There was an incident at school with her teacher that the word “expulsion” was even mentioned.  We consulted with a parent coach and a child therapist and both reassured us that she just had a lot of big emotions that she didn’t know how to express.  We learned some tips from them and things seemed to have calmed down.  Some days are harder than others when both kids take turns throwing a tantrum or have a meltdown one after the other.  They are going to turn five in 2.5 months.  I wonder if age five will be a better and calmer age for us.  One can only hope.

The kids’ preschool will close its door after 38 years in service.  I can’t believe our kids are in the last class of the school.  The program used to have 30 kids.  Now with kids graduating and leaving early for the summer and the younger kids being transferred to the sister school, only 8 kids are left in the program.  I had plans to keep them there until end of July.  Now that school is closing on July 15th, I will have the kids at home with me for two weeks.  Haha that will take some time to get used to.  They are going to attend a forest summer camp the first week of August. The second week of August is our trip to Disneyland!  I know it is going to be hot and crowded there but we are also very excited to travel somewhere outside of the Bay Area.  The kids will go to Transitional Kindergarten (TK) the 3rd week of August.

I continue to work out consistently.  It is part of my life now.  In fact, I have been working out on a daily basis since last September.  When the kids go to school, I work out in the morning. When the kids are at home, I do my exercise when they get up from their nap and watch a video.  Sometimes errands or appointments get in the way but I still find time to work in my exercise.  It is a habit now and I am happy about that.

We haven’t gotten Covid that we know of.  The kids have gotten sick a few times but have always tested negative for Covid.  Bob recently became sick with what the kids had.  His multiple tests were all negative.  I think it is just a matter of time.  It is so easy to be exposed these days.  The kids got the first dose of their vaccine last week, finally.  My in-laws are going to come visit from India in October.  Instead of going to Hong Kong, my mom will stay at a rental during the time of my in-laws’ visit.  My dad still hasn’t come to the States since the beginning of Covid.  We miss him tremendously but he is still hesitant about coming and wants to avoid catching Covid if possible since he had pneumonia the year prior to Covid.  Since it is a mess to make a trip to Hong Kong these days (the Covid restrictions there are strict), I hope that we can somehow see my dad next year if the Covid restrictions relax a bit.

That’s it for now.  Here is a picture of the kids when we went to the zoo a little while ago.

They are no longer babies……

3 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Catching Up

  1. Great to hear from you! I hear you on the acting out/tantrums and big emotions. Our girl is almost three and she started more of that at 2 years 8 months. Glad you got some support. I’m reading How to Talk so Little Kids will Listen. Some ideas but I need more. Anyway, sending good thoughts. They really have grown!


  2. Great to read your posts again! My son turns 4 in October and just finished preschool. He starts Junior Kindergarten in the fall (we’re from Ontario, Canada where kindergarten is two years (junior and senior) and kids begin the year they turn four). We all caught COVID just after his graduation and today is my last day of isolation. I knew we’d get it eventually and am glad it wasn’t serious for any of us (us meaning my husband, my son and me)! We adults are boosted but they haven’t yet approved the vaccine for under 5s in Canada, but hopefully will in the next couple of weeks. I’m also reading the same book Kristina is (and getting good ideas of what to do)!


  3. How lovely to hear from you, and to see that photo. Babies no longer indeed! They (and you) will adore Disneyland, I’m sure!

    I hope you get to have a family reunion. We saw members of our family in May (from Malaysia) for the first time in 3 years. They were very careful, and it was lovely. But cases are rising everywhere again, so caution is always important.


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