MicroblogMondays: Friending Donor

About a year ago, my former reproductive endocrinologist Dr. E introduced me and Bob to the parents of one of Bunny and Okra’s genetic half siblings.  We haven’t met them in person but did exchange emails several times and become FB friends with one of the parents.  I was very curious to see what the little sibling looked like and it has been fun to see photos of her.  She is a few months older than our twins.  She and Okra share more of a resemblance than she and Bunny.  Dr. E mentioned that little half sibling’s parents are connected to our mutual donor on FB.  Although our donation was supposed to be anonymous, we do know our donor’s name.  We just haven’t asked to meet up with her in person.  It is partly because of the pandemic but also of our egg donation history with the donor.  I am tremendously grateful for our donor and do not hold any grudges against her.  But it seems to be hard to ignore this piece of history when considering when to meet her.  I wonder if we would ever talk about what happened.  Fast forward to last week.  I messaged Dr. E to ask about something for a friend of mine.  She wrote back and said that she actually wanted to reach out to me.  She invited the parents of Bunny and Okra’s half sibling as well as our mutual donor to dinner at her house the previous week.  They all had a blast and discussed about doing this annually.  Dr. E was wondering if Bob and I would like to be a part of that annual dinner.  We continued chatting, and Dr. E asked if we wanted to connect to our donor on FB, she could make it happen.  I took some time to think about it.  And I thought about how it would be good for Bunny and Okra to know who their donor is, what she looks like, and for us to get information on her family medical history if need be.  After a few days of consideration, I told Dr. E that we would love to become FB friends with our donor.  Dr. E made it happen. She messaged our donor, and that same night, our donor friended me on FB.  I wrote her a message with pictures of the kids.  I haven’t heard back from her but it is a great first step to get to know person who so graciously helped us complete our family.  I showed the kids our donor’s photos.  How did they react?  They were more interested in our donor’s grandpa. Haha.  I will let you know if our donor ever messages me back, and maybe one day we will see her face to face.

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