MicroblogMondays: Meh

I have been feeling kind of meh lately.  I think the monotony of the pandemic has started to get to me.  Every single day feels the same.  During pre-COVID time, there would always be something to look forward to, such as social activities on the weekend, trips that we have planned, or meeting up with my girlfriends.  We have not done any of this in the last many months.  I don’t know if the situation is going to change for us in the near future since we are still trying to be very careful with our activities. My mom did get her first dose of the vaccine so at least that provides her some protection.  Bob and I casually talked about going somewhere nearby renting a place to ourselves just for a change of scenery.  We may or may not do that.  One change we did make was to start taking the kids to playgrounds.  I hadn’t been doing that because the playgrounds weren’t open for a long time.  Plus I was still a bit leery of unmasked kids and adults, and my kids putting their dirty hands in their mouths.  Last week we passed by one playground and saw that it was empty.  I decided to let the kids go play.  I am so happy that I made that choice.  You should have seen the fun that the kids had.  They were giggling, running, climbing, sliding, and genuinely having a lot of fun.  When a boy climbed onto the play structure, my kids knew to stop their movements and allow a lot of space for the boy.  Unfortunately, the boy wasn’t giving my kids space and was coming closely behind them.  It is just sad that in these pandemic times my kids have to learn to make room for others, and that they have to worry about other kids being too close to them.  I hate that kids can’t play with one another like they used to be able to.  Anyhow, after the one day of fun, I took them to various playgrounds four more times this past week.  The outdoor physical activities really paid off.  I think the kids rested better because of them.  Since going to the playground has been mostly successful, I am happy that we at least get to give the kids some physical activities and I get to be outdoors with them.  Maybe we will really make a trip somewhere nearby for a few days just to break up the monotony a little bit.  That may help me with my mental and emotional health.

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