MicroblogMondays: People Are Funny

On one of my morning walks with the kids, we passed by a small excavator on the street.  The kids were very excited to see one and ran over to see what was up.  They stood there waiting for the excavator to move but was disappointed that the construction wasn’t going to start yet.  The worker was leaning on the front of the excavator looking at us.  I told him, from a distance, that the kids were exciting to see his vehicle.  He told us that the project would start that afternoon, which would be right in the middle of the kids’ nap time.  That was too bad.  As the kids continued to stand and stare at the excavator, the worker said, “You are babysitting?” I chuckled at such a comment and told him, “No, they are mine” to which he said, “They are mixed right?”  I used to get these kinds of comments a lot in the pre-COVID era when I took the kids to playgrounds in the city. The nannies there somehow often assumed that I was the kids’ nanny probably because they don’t see resemblance between me and the kids.  I didn’t expect that with with masks on all of us that someone would see enough of their faces and my face to make such a remark.  People are just so funny.  I am not bothered by it.  I am just amused by people’s assumption.

One thought on “MicroblogMondays: People Are Funny

  1. What a very odd comment! I can’t believe people say that. I’m glad it didn’t bother you. And I hope the twins got to see the excavator in action.


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