MicroblogMondays: Backyard

A year and a half after we got married, we remodeled the house to add more space.  We weren’t going to fix the backyard at the same time.  However, because the backyard area is lower than street level, the building division in our city insisted on us finding a solution to ensure rain water did not accumulate in the back.  We were forced to make a concrete slab there with a drain in the middle for rain water to be pumped out of the backyard.  The concrete slab takes up the majority of the space leaving about three feet of space along the fences.  Later on a landscaper planted various trees, shrubs, and plants that have thankfully been thriving.  The garden window in the kitchen overlooks the backyard.  Back then we had already been trying to conceive for a whole year.  I often wondered if we would ever have a chance to stand in the kitchen and watch our children play in the backyard.  Fast forward to 5 years later, our dream of having children came true.  When the twins were babies, we never went outside to the backyard.  When they became older, we started going out to library story time, walking on trails, the zoo, bible study, or indoor play gym every morning and did not need to use our backyard.  In fact, the kids never stepped foot in the backyard until… two weeks ago.  I finally cleaned up the backyard and washed the two hand-me-down Cozy Coupe cars that were gathering dirt and dust there for the last year.  I have been very hesitant in taking the kids out on walks because I really don’t want them to contract the virus.  So I had to find a way for them to get some sun and air.  The kids have been loving it.  They ride their Cozy Coupes, draw with sidewalk chalk, collect rocks and leaves, and doodle on dirt.  I particularly love to watch them pretend play.  There are no other toys in the backyard but it doesn’t stop the kids from their imagination.  They pretend to buy groceries, get gas, and drive to walk.  They are basically creating something from thin air.  They pretend that leaves are animals and line them up on the planter.  Although I have to break up their fights periodically, I am glad they have each other to play with so I can sometimes just sit in the shade and watch them.  Their hands and clothes are all so dirty from playing in the backyard but like I said before, my tolerance for dirt has increased exponentially as a parent.  I do not mind the dirt as long as they get cleaned up afterwards.  They love going outside.  Every morning they ask to go to the backyard.  Although the size of the backyard is small, they not only have a place to get some fresh air but also get to be creative and exercise their brain in different ways.  I feel very blessed to have this little space for them during this unusual time.

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