MicroblogMondays: Fertility Treatment

My life after the shelter in place has taken effect has not been too bad.  I am used to being with the kids 24/7 so we just have to get used to not going to our usual places.  Bob continues to work from home.  It actually has been nice having him home.  The kids see a whole lot more of him since he doesn’t have to commute and comes up to see them at lunch and after nap time. When he is done with work at 6pm, the whole family goes out for a stroll around the block once for some fresh air.  My anxiety level was up and down and then up again in the last week, but mostly I am grateful for a paycheck, a roof over our heads, and our health.  Grocery shopping yesterday did raise my anxiety level as I was imagining coronavirus floating in the air and on surfaces that I touched.  I did use gloves and went through the motion of changing clothes, wiping down surfaces, washing the shopping bags, and washing my hands thoroughly after I returned from the supermarket.  I think a lot about all the people who are profoundly affected by the shelter in place order: people who lose their jobs or their income, people who are sick and are dying or died, and frontline workers who don’t have enough protective gear.  I have also been thinking a lot about people who are in the process of pursuing fertility treatment.  My friend just did her last transfer in Southern California the day before the governor told the whole state to stay home.  She was a lucky one in that regard.  Imagine those people who were in the process of growing follicles.  Or those that are waiting for their embryos to be made with donor eggs.  Or those that have already been paying the monthly fee for their gestational carrier but have not done a transfer.  Or those whose gestational carriers are currently pregnant for them in another state and it’d be unsafe for anyone to travel. Everything comes to a screeching halt.  I can only imagine how devastating it must feel to face this tremendous challenge.  My friend who just transferred all of a sudden felt very sad and depressed one day wondering when she’d get to transfer again if this cycle didn’t work.  I have no answer for her.   I know that we will be allowed to do the usual things again.  It’s a matter of time. But for a lot of people who want a baby, it already feels like time is slipping away even when COVID-19 didn’t exist.  I can only imagine how this adds to the already heightened anxiety for people who are facing infertility.  This stop in treatment will last a whole lot longer if people do not do their part by staying home to flatten the curve.  I just hope and pray that everyone takes it seriously and not to think that they are invincible.  Then there is hope that everyone can resume treatment in a relatively short amount of time.

2 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Fertility Treatment

  1. Support for curve flattening. How amazing and lucky wonderful your husband can work from home and normal hours! Super good luck.
    Stay healthy and well and cautious.


  2. There are so many people who will be affected in so many different ways. It makes dealing with our own situations a bit easier, to know what we are not having to confront. And to be able to think of others, as you are doing. Nice post. Enjoy the family time.


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