MicroblogMondays: Another Full Circle

I used to be a group leader for an evening class for an international bible study program.  Now I attend a day class with my twins because of their children’s program for kids age 5 and under.  A couple of weeks prior to our trip to Asia, in one of the class meetings, I noticed this lady and thought that she looked familiar to a point I felt that I might have spoken to her before.  Last week when we returned to bible study after our trip, I dropped the kids off in their classroom and was warmly welcomed by the children’s teachers who called out my name.  On my way out to my own classroom, someone else called my name.  I looked up and it was the lady that looked familiar to me.  She asked me if I remembered her.  I told her that I noticed her a little while back and thought she looked very familiar.  She reminded me that we sat next to each other on a plane ride to a retreat for this international bible study program a few years back.  She remembered that I told her that if I had kids, I would name my son this particular name that now Okra has.  She remembers because her son has the same name.  All the memory came rushing back.  It was 5.5 years ago.  We had just had our very first transfer with our first blastocyst we named Clay and a morula we named Eli.  I had my first pregnancy that turned out to be a chemical pregnancy.  I was so heartbroken to a point that I felt kind of paralyzed, but felt that God was leading me to still attend this retreat.  This lady and I sat next to each other and realized we were going to the same retreat.  We hit it off and somehow I shared with her about my situation.  And that was when I told her what I would name my son and her son happened to have the same name.  That was so early on in our journey to parenthood I didn’t know (of course not) the crazy twists and turns in the next few years that would get us to the current time.  I didn’t know it back then but it took a lot of time, energy, money, and serious/thoughtful consideration before we decided on using an egg donor and a gestational carrier.  Looking back, God seriously watched over us every step of the way.  I might have had doubts back then if I really would have a son who I could name [Okra’s name].  Meeting this lady again and remembering the details of our initial struggles reminds me of how faithful God is/has been even when I have little faith at times.  Being able to share with this lady that God has indeed given us these precious kids and completed our family is nothing sort of a miracle.  She witnessed the beginning of a story and now gets to read the ending.  It is like coming a full circle.  God is good.

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