MicroblogMondays: Back Home

We finally arrived back home after a 4-week international trip.  I felt brave to have done it, and it was as challenging as I had imagined.  The most challenging was the plane rides.  One kid didn’t want to nap or sleep, so she fought hard to stay awake and was usually overly tired.  Nothing could please her and the requests for me got tired quickly.  The other kid was fine with sitting and dozing off, but would flail his arms and kick his legs hard when he suddenly woke up from his sleep.  No amount of consoling would help until he started to calm himself down in my arms.  This was true for 3 out of the 4 flights.

I am happy to be back home, but like I said in my last post, that I am so glad that we went.  The kids and I hung out with my grandma the day before we left.  It was just heartwarming to see them interact with her, and her smiles and comments about their cuteness.  Okra was in my grandma’s lap watching the fish and turtle in the tanks, and Bunny was standing behind her doing the same.  We took some videos of that and I will cherish them forever.

I will continue to go unpack, but I will end with this story.

The flight from India to my home town was at an ungodly hour of 2am.  We let the kids sleep from 7pm to 10pm, then we woke them up to get them to the airport.  At 1:15 am, we were waiting to board.  Both kids were hyper and running around.  Okra got to push our wheeled carryon suitcase around like a car and was super happy.  After 10 minutes of that, he suddenly hugged the suitcase and said, “I love you!” 3 to 4 times!  He had never even said that to me voluntarily.  It was so cute.  Funny kid.

2 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Back Home

  1. That’s cute! You WERE brave! Those long trips (we know them well in NZ) are bad enough when you’re an adult, let alone with two little kids to be wrangled. Great job. And glad you have some precious memories.


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