MicroblogMondays: Chaos and Travels

This blog post is late for about… 14 hours.

I was trying to make a decision this weekend.  This decision was weighing so much on my mind that I didn’t have the mental capacity or time to write a blog post.

We have been scheduled to leave for my home town in Asia and India this coming Sunday.  I didn’t mention about it in my last blog post, but one of my worries of this upcoming trip was the unrest in my home town.  There have been protests for democracy since June there and things have been escalating in the last week.  Still, things seem to be fine if you avoid the usual hot spots for protests… until this weekend.  Extreme violence and large scale damages and vandalism took place over Friday night that the mass transit there had to shut down the whole subway system.  My dad had a difficult time finding public transportation to go home after dinner and he had to rely on my cousin to call him an U.ber.  Some ATMs were smashed so my dad couldn’t get money.  Banks, malls, and supermarkets were closed.  Clashes continued to happen throughout the weekend.  Subway system continued to be shut down due to damages.  Honestly, during those two days, I felt that if we went as originally planned, I didn’t feel that I could protect my children.  My gut was telling me to skip my home town and just transit to India directly and back.  However, emotionally it would be heartbreaking for me to just transit there without entering to see my family.  And I have been so looking forward to my grandmother meeting my kids.  After all, my grandmother is going to be 100 and who knows when we would have the opportunity for my kids to meet her.  I spoke with my best friend and my dad.  Both felt that it would still be safe if we stay home and around the areas of my dad’s house and my grandma’s house.  I wavered with my decision throughout the whole weekend.  Finally, I posted on my college’s parenting group on FB about my quandary.  Some of my fellow alumnae actually live there currently so they gave their perspectives.  I’d say 100% of the people who responded said we should go.  I prayed about it and talked to Bob, and we both agree that seeing family is more important.  And we will exercise caution.  Once the decision has been made, I feel that a weight has been lifted off my shoulder.  I can now continue to pack our stuff for this first international trip/plane ride with our twins.

3 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Chaos and Travels

  1. I’m so sorry the situation has gotten so violent and that you have been put in that situation. Glad to hear you have a very supportive friend and family structure there that can all assure you that it will be safe and help you navigate this. Have a safe and FUN trip!


  2. My parents are from the same place and have gone over twice since the protests began. My relatives’ rule is this: DO NOT GO OUT ON WEEKENDS since that’s when most of them are. And don’t wear black.


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