MicroblogMondays: T-13

T-13 until our trip to Asia.

See this picture?  These are some of the things that I purchased in preparation for the kids’ entertainment on our 14-hour flight.  I walked around dollar stores several times and considered various toys and non-toy items that are novelty to my kids so they’d be occupied on the plane.  Paper fan, post-it notes, little boxes that open and close, stationary pouches with zippers that they can open and close.  And many more things.  Oh and endless snacks.  The kids are into opening presents these days, so I will take the advice of somebody and wrap these little items in tissue paper so the kids get to open them and be surprised.  Anything to keep them occupy, right?

I will start packing our bags.  The packing list has been modified multiple times.  We will have to be away from our familiar routines on the other side of the world many time zones away for four weeks.  (Why four weeks?  Spending some time in my home town for my grandma’s 100th birthday, and going to see my in-laws in India for another 1.5 weeks.  My husband will attend a conference in the town next to my home town.  That makes four weeks.)  I am hoping not to have to pack too many suitcases and still have all that we will need on our trip.  Fortunately my dad has been in town and he is going home today so he will transport the kids’ diapers, wipes, and some snacks for us.  You may ask, can’t you buy diapers there?  Unfortunately my kids are used to the Tar.get brand and I don’t want to try using new diapers on a trip especially for my son’s sensitive skin.  So I am grateful for the help that we will get for bringing some supplies to Asia. We’ll also have the traveling cribs, travel car seats, and double umbrella stroller.  I get a bit stressed out thinking about all of this.

Considering the kind of tantrums that my kids have been throwing lately, I can’t imagine what traveling and being away from home for an extended period of time plus jet lag will do to them.  I was told by my kids’ wise godmother to have very low expectations for this trip, and expect it to be a lot of work and no rest.  I have had quite a few months to prepare myself mentally.  Oh and Okra suddenly had two raised bumps on his hand today.  I really really really hope that it is NOT hand, foot, and mouth disease.  We really don’t need to have a sick kid on top of getting ready for the trip.   But if he is sick for real, there is nothing I can do but to take the best care of him so that he is healthy to travel.  At least he is not falling sick the day before the trip?

T-13 days.  I am a bit stressed out.  But think about the blessings.  Traveling to my home town with my own children has been a dream.  I am about to have my dream come true.  I should really hold onto this thought when I get stressed out.

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