MicroblogMondays: Rereading Past Blog Posts

Last week my former fertility doctor Dr. E connected me with a current patient of hers who could use some support on her journey as an intended mother.  After I shared my blog with this intended mother, I was curious to see what I had written in the last almost six years on my blog.  I have been reading my earliest blog posts since June 2013.  Wow I wrote so much and the posts were so detailed.  I am now very grateful that I started a blog so I have a documentation of this journey.  Things have changed so much since then.  I used to think that my first IVF cycle was such a roller coaster.  Compared to our subsequent journey of all the twists and turns before we got to our babies, that first cycle’s drama was nothing.  But of course we didn’t know, and it was devastating for us at the time to think that we were losing our first ever embryo only for it to become a blastocyst on day six.  Bob and I truly endured many trials in the last few years of our marriage.  It is interesting to see that I used to think that we couldn’t afford a cycle of IVF with a certain clinic because of the price tag.  Again, I wouldn’t in a million years think that we would spend even more on additional cycles with my own eggs, several DE cycles, and even a whole journey with a gestational carrier.  If you told me back then that we would spend this amount of money on our fertility treatments, I’d have said you’ve gotta be kidding me. Another thing that I notice is that the blogging community back then was so vibrant.  At every turn of my journey, there was a tribe of bloggers and commenters cheering me on, validating my feelings, rooting for my embryos, and crying/mourning my losses.  It was heartwarming and amusing to see the first comments on my blog from many of my current blogger-turned-real-life-friends, such as A., Maddie, Jane Allen, Aramis, Jennifer T., Bri from Dreaming of Diapers, ramdomsqueaks, and Torthuil, to name a few. Seeing how our friendships started was so fun.  I have met most of them in real life, and a couple of them even attended my baby shower.  At the same time, I feel sad that some have turned their blogs into private blogs, and many bloggers no longer blog.  I clicked on the comments from many bloggers and found that their last blog posts stay in the past in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, or 2018.  You don’t know what has happened to them, why they suddenly stopped blogging, and if you will ever hear from them again.  I understand that ever since FB groups and IG have evolved, blogging is not the same anymore.  I miss that community so much though.  It helped me through thick and thin.  Reading my blog posts has made me so nostalgic.  I wonder if I’d ever share my blog with the kids.  That’s something to ponder.  Regardless of that, it is my hope that this blog continues to be helpful to those who stumble upon because they feel lonely or lost on their fertility journey.  I hope that they feel encouraged and less alone when they read these blog posts.

10 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Rereading Past Blog Posts

  1. Thank you so much for continuing to blog! Many of the people i used to follow no longer do. It’s nice to see how your journey continues and parenting after infertility.


  2. Those were the days eh! I’m glad they are over because we have our children now, but the support and community meant so much. Your blog was one of the first I came to after I learned I had diminished ovarian reserve. It was frightening but reading other people’s stories helped me to feel normal and face what I had to. Glad my comments were helpful too. Good for you for continuing to write! I’m around, just not committed.


  3. This is so lovely! It can be a mixed bag going back through old posts, but you make a great point about the connections, and how so many links now go to defunct sites. You hope that life just got busy and everything is okay, but it can be worrisome when people suddenly disappear and stop posting. I loved meeting you and your husband when we were in town — it is so bizarre and also amazing to meet someone who you’ve known through the blogging window in real life. I’m glad to know you!


    • @Jess, I completely agree that I’m bizarre ;). It was wonderful meeting you and Mr. Jess when you were in town. Thanks for making the time to hang out with us!


  4. I’ve been blogging since 2009 and it is interesting to see the diminishing of bloggers and commenting. I keep hearing that blogging is dead but I love the long format and have a mostly-hate relationship with FB. IG is pretty good, but not the same. So, I’ll keep blogging and am, in fact, about to out myself to all the IRL peeps who don’t know I’ve been writing for the past 10 years. 😉


  5. I have so many of the same feelings! I started blogging to record my journey and emotions. I never expected the friendships and community it provided. I too wonder what happened to so many of the bloggers I used to follow. I know I would still be blogging more than I do but I have a roadblock over storage space.
    I’m so glad to have met you, here and in person. We’re planning another trip your way this fall so I’ll be in touch about that. 😊


  6. Yes!! Could not agree more…I’ve been going through old posts recently too and I (as you) have clicked on people, remembering our interaction and wondering…”what ended up happening?” Hoping some of them see your post and chime in! Or I might have to write a post now to see where everyone is (if they even read my blog any more). So wonderful meeting you in person too…..someone in real life that truly “gets” it 🙂 Would love to meet up again when I visit next! xoxo


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