MicroblogMondays: Eating Sand

I hate getting my hands and clothes dirty.  Hence I am not quite a beach person, and never really wanted to have water play or other sensory kind of activities for the kids I worked with.  Now that I have my own kids, I am still kind of averse to dirt.  My mom and I constantly wipe the kids’ hands during meal time and wipe the floor whenever food drops.  When I take the kids to a playground, I often steer them away from the sand area.  I would hate to have to clean up their clothes, their hair, and their socks and shoes from sand.  The thought of it just made me shudder.  My effort is proven to be futile because the kids are naturally drawn to dirt and sand.  They see other kids there and just walk over, sit down, and start playing.  They take other kids’ shovels and pails and start digging.  They pick up sand and put some in their mouth. They pick up twigs and barks and taste them.  At first I was quite grossed out by sand going into my shoes and kids having dirt and sand in their mouths.  I have to say now that I am quite proud of myself because I have evolved to a point where I sit in the sand area with the kids and let them do whatever they want with the sand including tasting some.  I do tell them that it is not for eating and it probably doesn’t taste good, but I have let go a lot more than I thought I would when it comes to dirt and sand.  I clean out all the sand from their clothes and shoes/socks before loading them back in the car.  When I told my mom that the kids played in the sand and tasted some, the horrified look on her face was priceless.  Haha.  I know that playing in the sand is good for their play skills and their sensory development, so I am going to continue to let go.  I even bought them a whole set of sand toys and vehicles for our beach vacation in a few weeks!



7 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Eating Sand

  1. Nice job! I guess it’s part of being mom – overcoming distaste or stretching our preferences for the benefit of our children. I KNOW I would/will be stretched. Beach vacation sounds fun, yay!


  2. That’s a real accomplishment! I’ll confess that I still sort of inwardly groan when I see my kids heading to the sandbox, but you’re totally right that kids and sand just sort of go together :). Hope you have fun on your vacation!


  3. Wow, well done! Also, they say that kids who are exposed to dirt when they are very little grow up with much stronger immune systems. And I bet they have great fun in the sand.


  4. Lol, yep. Keeping kids clean is an exercise in futility, I’ve learned. 😂 I still hate how sand gets in every.single.crevice, but I’ve learned to embrace the chaos a little more every day.


  5. Academy of Science has kinetic sand in their main floor store near the children’s indoor play area. Usually available for kids to play with in a clean sand tray. Try it out there. Easier than normal sand to clean up, Cleaner than sand found at the park……. Contains what we will call ‘less protein’. Your twins are absolutely old enough to enjoy going there and there is SO MUCH for them to do.


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