MicroblogMondays: Pitter Patter

It’s been heartwarming to watch the kids play together more often and fight less.   Despite being sick on and off, they started to give each other hugs and their version of kisses without annoying each other too much.  The other day my mom and I sat on the couch saying “one, two, three, RUN!!!” in Cantonese while the two of them were running back and forth together in the living room for more than 15 minutes.  Watching them run and laugh and hearing the pitter patter of their little feet, I suddenly felt tears welling up in my eyes.  Being overcome with emotions was so unexpected at that moment because I have seen them run around and play together many many times.  It is part of my life and I don’t always think about my past of trying so hard to have these kids.  But that day I did, especially hearing the sounds of those little feet pounding on the floor.  It was probably triggered by my memory of our first year trying for a baby.  Bob’s best friend’s wife gave me a book she bought off of my wishlist on Am.azon as a Christmas gift.  That was the month before we started trying for a baby and the book was about increasing the chances of making a baby.  In her gift note, she wrote, “I hope your house will be filled of pitter patter of little feet very soon”.  Little did I know that this wish wouldn’t be fulfilled without a long and trying journey with many twists and turns.  I remember her note vividly and often felt a void whenever I thought about it during our TTC days.  Now that we not only have one, but two pairs of these little feet running around, to say that I feel tremendously blessed and thankful  to experience the moments and the joy of watching my own kids grow is an understatement.  These moments of thanksgiving and blessings allow me to not take having these children for granted.  Often times these little moments are what encourage me to stay calm (most of the time) and focus on the joy of watching these kids thrive despite some really hard long days full of toddler tantrums and fights.  I am just so grateful.


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