MicroblogMondays: Midlife Changes?

If you know me well in real life, you would know that I don’t have any piercings on my body.  Wearing earrings had never appealed to me.  People used to tell me that I’d for sure change my mind for my wedding because I’d want to wear studs on that day.  My wedding day was almost eight years ago and I still don’t have any piercings.  My mother-in-law has been sad because she can’t give me earrings as gifts and I won’t let my baby girl get her ears pierced. After having zero desire of wearing any earrings for 44 year, I suddenly have had this itch to get my ears pierced.  This idea came into my head one day a couple of months ago and I haven’t been able to shake it out of my head.  Small studs on my ears suddenly sounds inviting to me.  I don’t know what changed.  It just came so suddenly.  And then, more recently, in the last few days, I have had this urge to get a tiny tattoo maybe on my wrist or on the back of my neck.  Again, if you know me well like my husband does, you’d be surprised that this even crossed my mind.  But it did.  And it surprises me.  I have been browsing online for ideas of tiny tattoos, and I am drawn to simple designs and lines that are delicate and subtle.  Maybe a few simple strokes that represent my twins and me.  I don’t know what I’d get, but the desire has grown stronger and stronger.  I really don’t know where all these changes come from.  Maybe approaching 45 is creating some sort of emotional currents in me that need to be manifested physically?  The human mind is so peculiar.  I don’t know where this will lead, but I have a feeling that these urges will result in studs on my ears and permanent ink on my body. If/when that happens, I will for sure show you all.


10 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Midlife Changes?

  1. I don’t have any piercings or tattoos either. I’m not drawn to the idea of a tattoo because I know I’d get bored of it and wish I could just wash it off. But earrings, I could change those out! I’ve kind of always wanted to get my ears pierced but I want to wait till my kids aren’t babies anymore just so they don’t try to pull on them.


  2. My two tattoos were definitely meaningful and I got them at significant transition times in my life…not necessarily times others would judge as “the time” to get one but I felt drawn to it like you say. One I was in my late 20s and one was when I became close/committed to my now fiancé. I think it’s cool you’re thinking of that!


  3. I have my ears pierced, but haven’t worn earrings on a daily basis for years. I wore dangly earrings on occasion in high school (we weren’t allowed to wear “shower curtain earrings” (i.e. large hoops) or danglies while in uniform. Danglies were for weekends and grub (i.e. free dress) days only). No tattoos and no desire just yet (maybe things will change when I turn 40 this September?). As for your little girl, she’s your little girl, and you make the rules. Your MIL DOES NOT.


  4. Change is good, isn’t it? In our side, ear piercing is traditionally taken care at a very young age, around 3 months old, that’s only for girls though. 🙂 So I’ve been wearing earrings for almost my entire life. Can’t think of having tattoos though. Maybe, I will have a change of mind later. Who knows, right? All the best with the decisions!


  5. I have 7 piercings all in my ears. I don’t have anything else pierced nor do I have any tattoos. My son got a tattoo on his hand over the summer. It’s a simple rose in black ink. He has plans to get more. Before I turned 18 I wanted to get a tattoo. At the time (late 90’s) it was cool to get a tattoo on your lower back, just above your pant-line. Now, those tattoo’s are called tramp stamps and I am so grateful my 18 year old self did not get one. My son was trying to talk me into getting a tattoo with him. I toyed with the idea but really don’t think I would go through with it. I would want to be able to hide my tattoo and that seems to defeat the purpose of getting one. It all boils down to personal choice. If it is something you feel compelled to do, go for it.


  6. It strikes me as funny that your mil has such strong opinions about whether you have your ears pierced or not. lol. I have my ears pierced but have never been into getting a tattoo at all. I’ve thought about it though! I say if you are ready for earrings and a small tattoo, go for it!


  7. I’ve never liked the idea of a tattoo because I’m so incredibly indecisive. I’d never decide what to get because I’d worry about later regretting it. Not to mention I really hate needles! I had my ears pierced when I turned 12 and I love to wear earrings. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry but I always have my wedding ring and a pair of earrings, and sometimes a necklace now that my kids aren’t prone to yank on it.


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