MicroblogMondays: First Time Away From the Babies

After Bob’s 12-day work trip to Europe where I was here taking care of the babies with my parents, I “earned” myself a night to go away with a friend .  I so looked forward to this trip and it finally happened this past weekend.  The conclusion is, self-care is important and going away from the everyday life for a little is truly glorious.  I am so grateful to have a chance to have a tiny getaway.  I did miss the babies though. That morning I hugged both of them a little extra tighter before they went down for their nap.

With a personal connection with an employee of a big hotel chain, we booked a room in Sonoma county for a bit over $100 with the friends and family discount.  I didn’t even think about what I wanted to do as I just wanted to have a day or two where I didn’t have to worry about someone’s breakfast/lunch or poopy diapers.  As the time got closer, I searched for things to do and found a couple of wineries that offer food and wine pairing.  The most popular one was sold out way ahead of time.  Luckily, another one with great reviews and a less expensive price tag had openings on their reservation.  Let me just say that it was one of the most relaxing and fulfilling dining experiences in my life.  The winery’s atmosphere was tranquil.  The service was attentive.  The wines were delicious.  The food was just exquisite.


This lunch lasted 2 hours 15 minutes.  My friend and I chatted about anything and everything. It was one of the most leisurely lunch I had ever had.

That afternoon, I booked a massage with a traveling therapist that Bob and I used two years ago in the wine country and loved.  She came to my hotel room and gave me my first massage since the babies were born.  My whole body was tight and had knots, and she worked all the kinks out.  She applied the right pressure for me throughout the whole 90 minutes and it was just heavenly.   The rest of the trip was low key and relaxing.  Food was great, sleep was undisturbed, and morning coffee at a coffee shop with a friend was just so luxurious without having to rush back to take care of the kiddos.

The time away was just right.  I came home feeling refreshed.  The best thing?  When I opened the nursery door to greet the babies after their nap, the happiness that was shown on their faces when they saw me was priceless.  The little getaway did my soul plenty of good.  I felt that I truly got a break and I am ready to go back to my everyday life again.

Until the next trip.


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