MicroblogMondays: Cold and Croup

A week ago, my twins attended a holiday get together with their twin friends.  Some of the toddlers there were sick.  The next day, Bunny started having a runny nose from which she recovered the day after.  Unfortunately, Okra started having this deep, barking cough that sounded very scary.  The advice nurse on the phone said it sounded croupy but recommended home remedy rather than going in to see a doctor.  We have done steam in the bathroom, honey, warm water, outside cool air, and humidifier.  I believe that he is getting better, but boy, his neediness has been to the extreme.  I remember reading about man flu, that men are extreme whiny and vulnerable while having a cold.  Okra is a typical male then.  There were quite a few days that he would only stop crying or whining when I held him.  Even my mom couldn’t console him.  There were two days in particular that the only way to soothe him was to wear him.  I love wearing him, and glad that I can still do so, but it just made it a lot harder to take care of my other child.  Luckily Bunny has been very independent and cooperative most of the time.  She sometimes did come to tug on my shirt when I was wearing her brother, but she didn’t whine for me to also carry her.  Having sick kids to care for makes me appreciate my mother even more.  She is a naturally helpful person without me having to ask for things to be done.  It would have been a lot tougher for me to do anything productive without my mom’s help.  My kids are used to taking their naps in their cribs, but since Okra has been so clingy, there were a couple of times he refused to sleep in his crib.  My mom had to do the nap routine with Bunny while I hid with Okra in my room.  One afternoon he woke up from his nap next to me and started wailing.  Nothing could console him.  He was arching his back and crying so loudly that I was afraid something seriously was wrong with him.  At that point, I felt so vulnerable and seriously scared that I started tearing up.  My mom, bless her heart, came over and took Okra away from me.  She told me to be strong and not to cry, and went on to feed Okra some snacks.  She took him out for a walk for some fresh air, and he came back happy.  So basically he was hungry and whiny.  Nothing majorly was wrong with him.  My mom was commenting on how it is still better to have someone from the older generation (meaning herself) to impart some wisdom in the childrearing department.  I wholeheartedly agree with her.  I told Bob this whole experience and said it must have been a first-time mom thing.  He is so funny.  He said, “The only way I think you can prove your hypothesis is by having that other boy. That will make your second time mom.”  This man tries to talk me into having the other boy every chance he gets.  I think having two kids at the same time and having sick kids just strengthens my resolve to not have the other boy.  Anyways, it pains me to see that Okra who has already been picky with his food lately has lost a lot of weight since he has gotten sick because of loss of appetite.  I am hopeful that he will be on the mend soon, and hopefully his appetite will be back.  I shudder to think about checking his weight at his 15 month check up in a week.

5 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Cold and Croup

  1. Sick kids are just awful! And I think it is worse on the parents than on the kids! They can’t tell us how they are feeling or what is wrong and we just watch helplessly! It is very anxiety inducing. But you are doing all of the right things and I’m sure Okra will be his happy healthy self soon! That Bunny must have an immune system of steel!!!


  2. I feel you, our son had been ill and clingy for almost three weeks in a row. What an amazing help your mom is. You are so lucky to have her by your side!


  3. My daughter has had a bad cold recently and she woke up from her nap beside me and also began crying like that and was inconsolable. It was awful as I also started to worry something was wrong! Maybe it was a bad dream! Parenting is even harder when the kids are sick


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