MicroblogMondays: Double Stroller

We have been using this frame stroller with the twins since they were born.  It is super convenient in terms of not having to take the babies out of the car seats to put them in a separate stroller.  The car seats just snap on.  The four cup holders and the big storage basket at the bottom are convenient  There are always pros and cons about everything.  The one thing that I don’t like about the frame stroller is that it is big and clunky to lift in and out of the car.  It extends super long and the front baby/car seat feels like a mile away.  Because the wheels don’t maneuver as well as I would like, they bump into door frames in and out of stores all the time.  Currently it has been kept in the back of our mini-van most of the time.  Because of the weight to lift it in and out of the van, and the time it takes to strap the babies in the car seats and to move them in the frame stroller, I find myself resisting going out for a walk because of the trouble I have to go through to do all of that.

We never put a full double stroller on the baby registry as I felt we didn’t need one until much later.  There were already ten thousand things to read up on and consider for the registry.  I didn’t need to add one on the list, especially when it wasn’t needed immediately.  Recently, I finally felt the need to purchase one so that I would be more motivated to go out with the babies.  I started reading reviews and  found that twin families rave about this double stroller.  A few times I almost ordered it online when it was on sale.  I hesitated because I just had a nagging feeling that I would need to try this one before purchasing it.  Local big chain baby stores didn’t carry too many double strollers.  Recently, a new chain baby store opened in our neighborhood and we finally got to try out the popular double stroller I mentioned above.  I am so glad we did, because I really dislike this thing!  It was heavy and folded with the seats on the outside so they could potentially get dusty in storage.  The canopies were clunky and the basket at the bottom was small.  So the answer was No.

After reading reviews, doing research, and watching online videos, I finally decided on another double stroller.  Unfortunately this brand is not as well known so I couldn’t find a store that carries it.  But I was still willing to order it to try it out without seeing it first.  It shows you how much I like all the things I read/watched online.  And this denim blue double stroller didn’t disappoint.  It is the lightest all terrain double stroller on the market right now.  The folding keeps the seats inside so they don’t get dirty.  The stroller stands up when folded.  Each seat has a belly bar.  The canopies are huge with great coverage.  The seats can be pulled down to almost flat for easy napping.  The fabric looks and feels fabulous.  The stroller is so amazing to push.  You can literally push it with one hand and it goes super smoothly.  This new stroller has made outings a lot easier for all of us.  The babies have sat it in three times already since we got it last Tuesday.  It goes through store front doors like a breeze.  I am so pleased with this purchase.

This was us grocery shopping yesterday.  It was so easy to push that Bob had our fussy baby boy in one arm and pushed our baby girl in the stroller with the other hand.

It goes to tell you that it doesn’t matter how many positive reviews something has, it means nothing to you if it doesn’t match your personal needs.  I am so glad I picked this stroller rather than the widely popular one.  Now I need to buy a cup holder for it (it didn’t come with one) so I can enjoy being out and about with my coffee strolling with the babies.


6 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Double Stroller

  1. I’m a tiny gal living in the city (and one that isn’t all that stroller-friendly if you ask me) so I’m always on the lookout for a good stroller that *I* can handle when I’m out on my own, sans husband. Therefore, you’re right – reviews, no matter how good, don’t matter if it isn’t good for YOU. If you’re like 5’2″ and barely 100 lb when not pregnant (and I’m not going to be as we are hoping to start a family using a surrogate), you REALLY don’t have much choice (I’m one of those “carseat stays in the car” people – no travel system for us).


  2. Oh, so true! I don’t have twins but wound up needing a double stroller. We checked out so many of them, and narrowed it down to 2. The first one was almost 10 lbs heavier than the other and I had a hard time folding it, but it had *great* reviews. The other one was not as highly reviewed and I had to order it without trying it first. I went with the less highly reviewed but lighter stroller and I am SO glad I did! It fits, I can fold/lift it, and it has done exactly what I wanted it to do (and it was $100 cheaper, so score). It really is such an individual thing. Glad you found a stroller that works for you!


  3. I so agree with you about your first stroller option. People raved about it, but I really felt the opposite. The one I did fall in love with was Mountain Buggy. That sucker was amazing. I also preferred the Inglesina double umbrella stroller over the Maclaren even though the reviews suggested otherwise.

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  4. I’m wondering if my double stroller is one recommended to you because it folds with seats on the outside and is pretty heavy. I loved it and used it almost daily when my twins were 5 months to somewhere around 3 years, maybe 3.5 years. It also pushed like a dream, one handed even because it has a nice triangle shaped support beam instead of a T bar where your single hand goes. Well, it pushed like a dream until my twins got heavy! I got some super muscles pulling that thing in and out of the trunk. We even took it to Disney in January and I loved it once again, just for the trip.


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