MicroblogMondays: Four-Month-Old Is so Much Fun – Bunny


Bunny was a beauty when she was born.  Now at four months old, she continues to be gorgeous with a full head of black hair, bright and big dark eyes, a tall and straight nose, beautiful lips, and a delicate chin.  She looks like a mixture of Bob and our donor.  Even her fingers, legs, and feet are dainty.  She is such a good looking baby.

This girl truly loves to smile, laugh, and chatter.  She is definitely the social butterfly who would forego a nap to hang out with people.  One time a very good friend of mine came to visit for the first time.  The two of them had such a good time that Bunny missed her nap and my friend missed most of the basketball game that she was supposed to watch with her husband.  Although she doesn’t nap well, Bunny is a very good sleeper.  She goes down by herself at night after her 7pm feed and doesn’t need any help with falling asleep.  You give her a binky and she is fine.  She wakes up in the morning chattering and laughing in the crib to herself.  You go in to look at her and she would give you the biggest smile that would brighten anyone’s day.  My mom often jokes that Bunny would be the best person to see on Chinese New Year’s Day because her happiness would bring fortune for the upcoming year.  Bunny rarely cries.  When she does, you know that something is up with her.  The good thing is she is easily consolable, which makes it a lot easier for me.  When you talk to her, she responds with her baby coos.  She is very alert and tracks people and things with her eyes.  She notices her brother Okra more often and always reaches her hand out to him.  Whether or not he takes her hand is hit or miss.  When Okra cries, she has a concerned look on her face and sometimes would also pout and start crying.

Baby girl seems to love reading.  Whenever I read her a book, she looks at all the pages I show her with such concentration she seems a lot older than 4 months old.  She can read through a book like Llama Llama Red Pajama with me.  She also loves it when I sings “Slippery Fish” to her.  This is a song I learned from our library’s “Bouncing Babies” program.  Whenever I sing “Gulp gulp gulp” and “Oh No!”, she laughs.  Bunny doesn’t quite play with the soft blocks that we bought for them for Christmas yet.  Her hands are still too tiny for the size of the blocks.  She does squeeze and grab a firefly toy and seems to enjoy it for a few minutes.

Physical strength wise, baby girl is very good with her hands and fingers.  She holds on to a toy for a long time.  She drops the toy and picks it right up without difficulty.  She loves to grab my hair with a grip so tight that sometimes it’s hard to pry her hand open.  Her fingers are also very nimble.  She takes off her binky and puts it back in her mouth.   Recently when she lies on the play gym, she gets frustrated that she can touch the dangling rings above her but can’t get them down.  She would yell for attention and eventually cry for help.  Bunny hates tummy time; she cries within a few minutes into it.  I still make her do it.  She recently started to want to stand on her feet while sitting on my lap.  It seems that her lower body strength is finally catching up with her brother’s.  She rolls to one side all the time.  She kicks her legs up and towards her face while lying down.  When you lay her in her crib one direction, you’d often find her facing the other direction in a few minutes just by kicking her legs, rolling to one side, and moving her bum.  Swaddling has been harder because Bunny Houdini’s arms escape quite easily.  But we will continue to swaddle during sleep until we absolutely can’t.  She can sit up with support with a strong and straight neck.  After the babies turned four months, we let them play in a hand-me-down jumperoo.  Although Bunny’s legs can’t touch the floor, she sits in it well and manipulates a bunch of the knobs and dials on the jumperoo with ease.

Bunny’s recent feeding pattern has been a bit worrisome.  She had been taking 3.5 to 5 or even 6 oz per meal for a while.  The day after our trip, she returned home and began to lose interest in her bottles.  Sometimes she’d take a whole bottle.  Other times she only takes an ounce or two.  When she is done, she sticks out her tongue, turns her head, and blocks her bottle with both hands.  I started to feed her in the nursery with the curtain drawn, lights out, and sound machine on to reduce distractions.  The situation has improved a little bit with this strategy.  But her daily intake has been variable.  One morning after having not eaten for eight hours, she only took a couple of ounces.  I was literally in tears sitting in the dark worrying that she’d lose weight.  I never thought that my child’s feeding pattern would make me so emotional.  I had many speculations of what might have caused this problem: Reflux meds not working?  Reflux meds dosage not correct? Formula not appropriate?  etc etc.  She still vomits at times and spits up at times, but she seems happy before and after.  My friend A who has twin girls is always the wise one.  She also experienced a period of time when one of her twins was also eating variably.  She said she’d spent too much time worrying about her daughter.  Instead, she wishes that she had enjoyed her baby more.  She advised me to call the nurse line if I wanted a peace of mind.  The nurse basically said that Bunny’s behavior is quite normal for this age, and I have been doing everything I can to make sure she enjoys her meals.  Babies at this age are curious and highly distractible so minimizing distractions in the environment would really help.  I have since learned to let her enjoy her meal as much as she wants without looking or acting worried.  If I try a few more times and she doesn’t take the bottle anymore, I won’t force the case.  We have been trying to stretch the babies’ sleep til 7am.  But because Bunny eats more when drowsy, I have been having myself and the night nanny feed her at 6am.  At our four-month check up, our pediatrician reassured me that at this age, some babies have what he calls “appetite slump”.  Maybe Bunny is one of those babies that doesn’t need to eat as much to still have enough calorie-intake.  He kindly suggested for us to let her wake up naturally then feed her.  We will take his advice and let the babies sleep until whenever they wake up.

At our four-month check up, our pediatrician said that Bunny is very healthy.  She now weighs 12 lbs 15 oz, which is 21st percentile.  Her birth weight was 6 lb 9 oz, so her current weight is almost double of her birth weight.  Her height is 25.5 inches, which is 87th percentile.  She wears 3 to 6 month and 6 to 9 month clothes.  She still wears size 1 diapers.  Doctor said that her growth is fantastic.  However, if I am concerned about her eating pattern and her weight gain, I can always bring her back for another check up in two weeks.

Bunny brings so much joy to my life.  I am so fortunate to call myself her mother.  It’s so fun to watch her grow and reach milestones.  I am so lucky to be able to stay home to witness her and her brother’s growth during these first few months of their lives.

3 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Four-Month-Old Is so Much Fun – Bunny

  1. I am so glad that you are enjoying your beautiful, happy daughter. She sounds absolutely perfect! V went through several “appetite slumps” when I couldn’t force her to eat. It was so hard but she just didn’t need the milk. She’s still a light eater and you absolutely can’t force feed her to this day. She’s tiny but happy and healthy, just as I suspect Bunny will be too.


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