MicroblogMondays: Three Months

Our twins are three months old.

Let’s talk about Bunny first.  Her Chinese name means “calm” and “easygoing”, which interestingly matches her to a T.  She is usually very pleasant.  Early in the morning, she wakes up and doesn’t make a fuss.  When I go into the nursery to check on her, she often looks at me with her big eyes and smiles.  She is very chatty in the morning, smiling and laughing all the time.  Usually the only reasons for her fussiness would be hunger or sleepiness.  She also hates to get out of the bath and cries like a crazy person every single time she is put on the changing pad after bath time.  This little girl has a serious case of FOMO, or fear of missing out.  She hates nap time because she doesn’t get to hang out with people.  When we are out or at parties (as this is the holiday season), she often doesn’t eat or nap much because she wants to see the world.

Our little Okra is a bit moodier, which he probably takes after his dad.  It kind of matches the meaning of one of his middle names, which means “full of life’.  He is very sweet as he smiles and laughs often.  He is also very chatty, especially in the morning.  However, he whines and cries at the drop of a hat.  In the morning, rather than being like his sister who doesn’t make a peep when she wakes up, he yells loudly to let others know that he is awake and needs attention right now.  Reasons for his fussiness throughout the day are plenty.  It could be him wanting to be held, or hating the way we hold him.  He could be hungry or not wanting to eat.  He hilariously “complains” about things.  Instead of crying, he would make these “neh neh neh neh” sounds that sounds a lot like complaints.  His sister would be next to him all calm with a look of “what’s the big deal?” while he continues to whine and complain.  These moments shows the big contrast in their personality.

Both babies are very pretty.  Everybody who sees Bunny for the first time often comments on how dainty her features are.  She has these almond-shaped eyes, nice tall nose, and very refined lips.  Her chin is pointy.  Since she’s gained some weight, her cheeks are chubby.  She still has her baby hair.  Every single morning, we look at her face and marvel at her beauty.  She looks a lot like Bob but she also reminds me of the donor.  Okra, on the other hand, is all Bob with Chinese features.  He was a little skinny dude at birth without any meat on his cheeks.  These days he has a round face with the most kissable cheeks on earth.  His eyes are very round, especially when he looks curious or in the dark. We call him “Owl” as his eyes dilate in the dark.  He was bald for a period of time after he lost his newborn hair.  He quickly grew his hair back and his hair is the softest.  It’s velvety to the touch.  I love to stroke it when I try to put him to sleep.   When you put Bob, Okra, and Bunny together, you can see that they are all related as they all look alike.  Friends, relatives, and acquaintances would comment on how strong Bob’s genes are.  How does that make me feel?  I am very glad that Bob’s genes are strong, but sometimes it does sting that these babies look nothing like me.  Despite that, I can’t imagine having any other babies and don’t want any other babies.  So it really doesn’t matter that the babies won’t ever look like me.

Both babies are very healthy, except for congestion and reflux.  For congestion, we put saline drops in their noses and use Nose Frida to clear their noses.  Bunny is funny.  She is very pleasant when we clear her nose.  She smiles and sometimes even laughs.  Okra hates the Nose Frida.  He cries very loudly and waves his arms to avoid it.  Regardless, his nose has to be cleared a few times a day.  Their reflux is a bit more under control than before.  They still spit up quite a bit but they are a lot easier to burp than when the acid reflux was first diagnosed.   Okra gains weight at a great speed.  He was born at 6 pounds.  At 3 months, he is already 12.5 lbs, which is more than double his birth weight.  Bunny is 11.5 lbs, which is also pretty good as her birth weight was 6 lbs 9 oz.  The height is unknown as their next check up is 4 months and it’s hard to measure their length at home.  Okra is obviously a lot heavier than Bunny.  Often times my mom or my brother would pass him back to me after holding him for a while because of his chunkiness.  His arms, tummy, thighs, and feet are all chunky.  Both kids have outgrown their 0-3 month clothes.  Bunny usually wears 3-month outfits.  Okra, on the other hand, seems to be bigger.  He fits into his 3-month and 3-6 month.  Some of his outfits are even 6-month ones.  I couldn’t believe it when they actually fit them.

We joke that Okra is an Indian man trapped in a 3-month old body.  After we give him a bath, he of course smells very good.  But because he cries a lot and hence sweats a lot, his hair smells after just a day.  On the other hand, Bunny’s hair smells great from one bath to the next.

Okra’s neck is super strong.  He prefers to stand up than sitting down, and often stands for a long time on my thighs when I hold his hands.  He loves tummy time and can stay there for quite some time.  Bunny hates tummy time and cries after just a few minutes.  Her neck is also strong but she doesn’t stand up like her brother.  She has very good grasp with her fingers and holds on to toy rings for a long time.  She holds onto her binky and sometimes takes it away from her mouth with her hand.

We give them about 5 oz of formula at each meal.  They both used to eat slowly, with Okra taking about 45 minutes and Bunny taking about 30 minutes.  Lately we switched them to level 2 nipple, which has cut down on their meal time by half.  Bunny is very sure of herself.  When she’s full, you can’t squeeze even one more drop in her.  She turns her head, sticks out her tongue, spits out any formula in her mouth, and pushes the bottle away with her hand.  She sometimes finishes only 2 oz, 3 oz, or 4 oz.  In that case, she would often be super hungry very early for the next meal and would cry like crazy.  Okra is interesting.  He loves to eat but gets distracted very easily, especially when the TV is on.  He turns his head and won’t have another sip.  Because of this, we lose out on Ellen or Family Feud, and Bob misses his football games.  TV is off so Mr. Nosy can focus on his meal.  He sometimes stops eating after 3 oz and needs to be coaxed into eating more.  If he doesn’t finish, he would start complaining within half an hour and you’d have to feed him again.  He also has a preference for me.  When other people feed him, he often leaves the last oz unfinished, and would eat it all when I take over the feeding.  He also calms down easily when I hold him and beams with huge smiles when he sees my face.  He is clearly mommy’s boy.  Bunny likes everybody and doesn’t seem to have a preference for me.

After their 7pm feed, both babies go down for the night.  We dream-feed them at 10ish at night and don’t feed them until about 5am.  At 2 months, Bunny trained herself to sleep from 10 something to about 4:30 to 5am.  Okra needed more help.  He would wake up at 2:30 or 3am.  We would let him cry for a little bit then go in to give him the binky.  After a bit of training for a couple of days, he can now sleep until almost 5am almost every single day.  This gives me respite on the days without the night nanny so I can have a few more hours of uninterrupted sleep.

I slowly venture out more often with them.  We have made it to the local library two times for story time for babies.  We go to the mall with my Dear Colleague when she visits once a week.  We go to church most Sundays. I read and sing to them whenever we have time.  They are both into books but Bunny seems to be the one who loves to read.  She looks at books with serious intent and often finishes the whole book with me.  Okra likes it too but he has a harder time focusing at times and turns his head back and forth to look at other things. My mom is very cute.  She reads the same books that I read, but she tells them in Chinese.  She also plays Chinese nursery rhymes to the babies on Youtube on her phone and sings along with them.  It warms my heart to see their interaction as the babies clearly love their grandma.  I am so happy that my mom gets to take care of these grandbabies as she never had a chance to do so with my brother’s kids.

Babies grow up too fast.  This is why I take a lot of pictures and videos of them.  To this day, I still sometimes can’t believe that they are here and they are all mine.  Life is full of interesting and heart-warming moments with these babies.

Here are the pictures of the chalk board I posted on social media their updates:


7 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Three Months

  1. Oh my gosh!!!! You have three month old twins!! Wow! I haven’t caught up with your blog in while! Sounds like they’re doing great!


  2. Wow, three months! Are you guys doing a 100 Day? Or did you celebrate the more traditional Chinese full month presentation? Most of my peers are going for the former – not sure if it’s Korean influence or not! 🙂 Anyway, congrats!


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