MicroblogMondays: Gas and Reflux

In our household, nobody was happy for about four to five days.  It all started when we switched both babies to Formula B after Okra had had difficulty with gas and Bunny began to have a hard time burping.  I thought that we might as well switch both of them on the same formula.  Well, they began to have even a harder time burping, and were eating progressively less formula during each feed.  Often times they’d appear to be ravenous but would stop and scream in terror after one ounce.  They would totally stop eating after two ounces.  We are talking about babies who have gone up to 3 to 3.5 oz at each feed.  They even started to spit up more and more and the content appeared to be curdled.  My heart just hurt seeing how they were unhappy and suffer.  I also dreaded feeding time because sometimes the usually happy babies were just inconsolable.  I messaged my pediatrician and continued with the new formula thinking that it would take them a few days to get used to it.  The more they appeared to be miserable, the more I felt that we needed to do something about it.  I hadn’t heard back from our doctor.  End of last week, I just made a same-day appointment with our pediatrician online without even calling to consult with the advice nurse or waiting for our doctor’s response.  At the doctor’s visit, my babies were described to be “healthy” but “miserable”.  Okra was 9 lbs 4.5 oz at the visit.  He gained over 3.5 lbs in less than six weeks.  Bunny was 8 lb 14.5 oz, so she gained about 2.5 lbs since birth.  The doctor took a listen, and found that both of them had a lot of gas, which is not uncommon for infants.  Their gas pain in the middle of eating made them want to stop, but they were still hungry, so they would cry for more food in a shorter period of time.  With the reflux and the excessive gas that didn’t seem to be able to be released through burping or farting, the doctor decided to treat them with prescriptions for reflux as well as thrush for the whiteness on their tongues that might also be swallowed and contribute to the pain.  He also advised me to go back to the previous formula because the babies were eating a good amount of it.  Since last Thursday, with all the changes (medication and using Formula A again), the babies’ situation started to improve.  Okra went from eating an ounce or two to eating 3.5 to even 4 oz at times.  He also became the burping champ.  He still spits up some, and he still cries sometimes in the middle of a feed, but he is so much happier.  Bunny is still at times difficult to burp, which is puzzling because she used to eat well and burp well, but the amount she eats has gone up to also 3.5oz to sometimes 4 oz.  Being a new parent is hard when everyday is a puzzle.  My happiness seems to be tightly tied to the babies’ happiness.  I am just so relieved that the doctor’s solution seems to work.  Now we can go back to being a happy family with two very cute babies who are usually happy and nap/sleep well.

Time just flies.  They are already over six weeks old.


6 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Gas and Reflux

  1. So glad they are doing better! It must have been awful to watch them so upset!!

    I know you aren’t looking for advice, but I’ll just put out there what helped Baby Bach with his gas, he was on reflux meds too, which did help, but we gave him Gripe Water a lot, and it seemed to be an instantaneous calm! It is expensive so if the reflux meds work, that is awesome!!


  2. It’s so difficult not knowing what’s wrong! I was thinking reflux or maybe a mild allergy/intolerance. M and V were on reflux meds too. They were so similar, with the shortened eating times and crying, arching their back, and stopping eating. The dosage will need to increase as they grow but if they’re happy, don’t change anything. The shorter time they have to take reflux medicine, the better.
    Did you ask about probiotics? Those also really helped my fussy babies. They may be in the formula you’re using. So glad your babies are happy and eating well again. 😊


  3. Our new foster baby also has a really hard time burping and has fussy periods but not as bad as you’re describing. I️ plan on asking about it at her next Dr appt as long as the fussiness doesn’t get worse.


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