First Solo Tar.get Trip

I had my first solo Tar.get trip since the babies came home.  Our new mini-van is super spacious for all the stuff that I had to buy, but it felt kind of funny to be driving it around without the babies behind me.

I am going to try the store brand diapers.  If they are good, maybe we can save on that category.

The first trip away from the babies was good for me.  I am so grateful for my parents who are there to watch the babies.


8 thoughts on “First Solo Tar.get Trip

  1. Good for you! Took me many more months to work up the nerve to leave. Do you talk to them in the car even when they are not there? I always talk to AJ when I’m driving, even if I’m alone 😅


  2. We used the Target brand diapers and wipes for our twin boys and we will use them for our newborn (almost 7 weeks old!) when we run out of the diapers gifted to us. I actually prefer the store brand they do not have a perfume smell to them.

    It is strange to drive without the kiddos in the van. My maternity leave is almost over and so I went in yesterday to prepare for my return (I am a teacher) and it was so weird to not have my little guy with me.


  3. Yes, I really like Target brand diapers, both for the lack of smell and performance (and price too!). Their wipes are also great, although I’m less picky about wipes. Costco brand diapers and wipes are also fabulous if that’s an option for you.


  4. I hope the diapers work for you. We stuck with Pampers because they were the ones that worked best for us. Store brand would’ve saved us a lot of money! If they don’t, check out prices with Amazon’s subscribe and save. I hope you enjoy the minivan with your little miracles, and occasionally use it for more solo trips out too.


    • Actually Huggies works for us. My babies are too squirmy for Pampers to stay on while diaper changing. I was thinking it was a small investment to try the store brand and if it works then it’s great!


      • It’s funny how different ones work for different people. I had two good friends very adamantly tell me their Huggies/Pampers preference and I was honestly a little scared and overwhelmed by them. It’s crazy how some moms get so invested in things that really don’t matter! Just use whatever works and keeps your babies alive and healthy.


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