MicroblogMondays: Doing Well

Having newborn twins is no joke.  There really isn’t much time left in a day to do anything else, especially writing a blog post.  There are constant bottle washing, formula mixing, laundry, diaper changing, holding and rocking, snuggling, staring at the babies’ faces and kissing them. As hectic as it sounds, I have been really enjoying my time with Bunny and Okra at home.  I remember what some moms of twins told me a few months ago, that we would survive the first few months of raising twins.  So far I don’t feel that I am “surviving”.  Feeding them over and over again is not a nuisance, even in the middle of the night.  Holding them in my arms, stroking their hair and their faces while they are sleeping is as enjoyable as one can imagine.  I wouldn’t trade it with anything else in the world.  It’s interesting though.  At times it still feels quite surreal to have two new little human beings at home who are totally dependent on us for survival.  I sometimes look at their faces and think, wow, where did you come from?  At the same time, I can’t imagine life without the both of them.  These feelings sound conflicted but they are real.  When I call myself “mama” to the babies, sometimes it feels a little strange.  When other people call me “mama” in front of the babies, I still have this feeling like, “What, you are calling me?” But there is no denying that these babies belong to me.  They are here to stay.  I am sure I will get used to being called mom soon.  I feel truly blessed though.  The babies are so good, so adorable, and so perfect in every way, that their existence does make up for a lot of the losses and sufferings in the last few years.

The babes are growing like a weed.  Bunny were at the pediatricians twice because of diaper rash and clearing her throat constantly (being a first time parent, I had to make sure she was fine).  She weighed 7 lb 1 oz as of two days ago, which surpassed her birth weight.  Okra’s current weight remains unknown since he wasn’t the one being seen at the doctor’s.  At our next one-month well baby visit we will find out their weight and length.  I am  so glad the newborn photo shoot took place last week.  The babies already look different this week.  Here are a few photos from the shoot:

(I still haven’t decided whether or not to show their faces)



16 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Doing Well

  1. I just love their little baby fingers and toes! I remember that surreal feeling too. J and I kept saying we felt like babysitters and that the “real” parents would show up soon. I’m so glad you’re enjoying these first weeks!


  2. Awww I love the pics even though you can’t see their faces! They are beautiful! It’s hard to decide how much to share and I completely respect however you decide to show them off!!!

    Baby A had a horrific diaper rash for the first 3 months of her life, and one day it finally went away (I literally tried everything…time was the answer lol). We made it a habit to use the blow drier to dry her bottom after every diaper change and bath. She loved it and we still do it today (blow dry baby time). We also bought those indoor puppy pads (for dogs to use the restroom inside) and did naked baby time daily. Good luck with the rash!


  3. Phenomenal. You rock (super) mama! I think it took me months to fully accept the “mommy” title. One blogger mentioned that it wasn’t till her child actually called her mommy that it seemed real, and I think there is something to that. But we learn by doing and it is an amazing experience!


  4. I 100% agree with you! Waking up in the night to feed or to take care of babies is never a nuisance and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It all goes by so fast! I’m sad that stage of my life is over but enjoying each stage that I get to be in! Love this post!!


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