MicroblogMondays: Babymoon Number Two, Playing By Myself

Here I am, in Honolulu.  Bob has been busy going to his work conference from 8am til almost 6pm.  Me?  It’s been so much fun to walk around doing whatever I want to do.  This is (hopefully) my very last time roaming around all by myself before the babies come.  I am savoring every moment as it has been a long journey to finally have this “last”.

Since I’ve been trying to figure out the logistics of transporting the twins home once they are born, it was extra interesting to watch parents travel with their babies and toddlers on the plane.  I was moving around quickly through the security check points and terminals, and can’t help but notice all the strollers and babywearing moms and dads with their bags and how slowly they were moving.  Many of these little angels started to scream during takeoff.  There were these dads who circled around with their toddlers over and over and over again in the cabin.  I can imagine that this will be my life and Bob’s life in the future.  Pregnant women with toddlers and older kids are everywhere as well.  I guess “paradise” is a great babymoon destination?

When Bob first booked the hotel room, he was debating if he should go with partial ocean view or none.  Honestly, the little bit of the extra cost for a partial ocean view makes no difference to his company.  So he went with partial ocean view.  When he checked in, he got upgraded to the complete ocean view.  I mean, we can still see the building across the street but when you lie on the bed, the ocean is right in front of you.

The room itself is quite nice and spacious.

I’ve been here since Friday.  And I haven’t gone to the beach (which is just across the street from us) or for a swim at the pool yet.  Since day one, I have just been doing whatever I feel like doing.  Going swimming hasn’t been one of them.  I set my own rule, right?  Who says that you have to go to the beach or go swimming in Hawaii?  I will eventually go.  The first day I arrived, I just walked around looking for good food to eat.  There was one udon place with a crazy long line.  I was too hungry to wait, so I was determined to have it for breakfast the next day.  Seriously, it was the best udon I had ever had.

 The noodle itself had an appropriate amount of chew in it.  I am usually a ramen fan instead of udon fan, but that seriously was one fantastic bowl of noodles.  I was so full at 9 in the  morning that I had to walk to make myself feel less full.  I walked more than a mile and  reached a huge shopping mall.  I had an idea to go to the MAC counter at Nor.dstrom.  You see, we will get our maternity photos done in a couple of weeks.  When I get professional photos done, I usually just get my makeup done for free at a MAC counter.  However, logistically that doesn’t work in Annie’s town.  I usually don’t wear makeup so the makeup that I have at home is very old.  I thought that it was a good time to update my makeup inventory.  Plus, I hadn’t had the time and probably won’t have the time to do that when I am home.  Going there on vacation seemed like the best way to use my time.

After a little bit of wait, the makeup artist there put makeup on my face and taught me how to do it myself.  I was looking very pretty on that day.  I also bought a bunch of makeup so that I can do it myself on the photo shoot day.  Since I was looking pretty, we didn’t waste it and had a very nice meal at one of our favorite restaurants.  We really like this restaurant in San Francisco especially the butterfish dish.  So we decided to try its original location.  I called and was able to secure a last minute reservation.  The food was so delicious and it was a great to have a date night looking pretty and spending quality time with my husband.  We had a blast!

The butterfish was so flaky and it just melted in my mouth.  It was heavenly and exactly how I remembered it.

The chocolate soufflé was the highlight as usual.  The chocolate was oozing out from the center.  It was one decadent goodness.

The beauty of going around by myself is that I don’t have to answer to anybody.  The next morning, Bob left for his conference and I decided to head to Diamond Head for a hike. Before that, I walked to a popular place for some musubi.  If you have never had it, it’s grilled spam on top of a piece of rice.  I went at 8 and the line was already long.  I am telling you.  There is a line everywhere from the airport to restaurants to hotel.  I don’t think Bob would have the patience to wait in line with me.  But since I had all the time in the world, I just waited.  And had rice balls with chicken and salmon/salmon roe, and bacon egg musubi and eel egg musubi:

The Diamond Head Crater hiking trail was extremely crowded.  I know it was the weekend in the summer.  But really, it was crazy to be up there with so many people.  The hike itself wasn’t too bad.  It was going up and up and up, but it was short.  Only 0.8 miles to the summit.  Many tourists just had flip flops and sandals on.  Those would be very uncomfortable shoes to walk up to the summit even if it was just less than a mile.  I had on my sunscreen and hat, and kept on sipping my water because it was getting hot.

You see all the people going up to the summit? Those little dots on going up and up?  They were all people that looked like ants, and I was one of them.  This has been the theme so far.  Honolulu is full of people, especially Japanese.  I think other than being in Japan, I had never seen so many Japanese in one place in my life.  Anyways, I made it to the summit after climbing a lot of stairs.

The view at the top was great, but it was very very crowded.  It was hard to avoid people, and there was almost no room to stand.

So my honest view of Diamond Head?  I’m from California and am very used to the spectacular ocean view.  While the view on the summit was great, it didn’t wow me like many reviews talked about.  Don’t get me wrong. I am very glad I went up, and had a fantastic time, but the view itself was nothing out of the ordinary for me.  I thought that the sunrise on Haleakala last year on Maui was a lot more impressive.

I am always up for good food.  I had a very good bowl of ramen inside a Japanese supermarket.

A few poke dishes:

And few cocktails.  Look at this $5 pina colada at happy hour.  It was such a steal.

At our hotel poolside, there was no happy hour on Sunday, but we had some very yummy cocktails:

Last night I had a 90-minute massage that was quite good.  Today I am going to join a tour to the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.  I am super excited about the food tour I’ll take on Tuesday.  It will take me to the North Shore of the island trying a few different dishes at a few different places.  Since we didn’t rent a car, I thought that this would be a great way to see the other side of the island and try some Hawaiian dishes.

So this is my visit to Honolulu so far!  I hope that today Bob gets to get off a bit earlier so we can do something together. Two more days before I go back to reality, and five more days until our baby shower!

16 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Babymoon Number Two, Playing By Myself

  1. I have never been to Honolulu (just Maui and the big island) but it looks fabulous (as to be expected). I love how you are taking your time on this vacation to do whatever you want. It’s definitely something that you won’t be able to do once the kids come. 🙂


  2. Ahhh, this makes me “homesick” to go back to Hawaii. I’m planning to go next year and I’m so excited already!! We really didn’t try much of the different foods but that sounds absolutely fantastic. 🙂 It looks so yummy.


  3. I adore Oahu. You’re going to love the North Shore, if you can try to get to Hanauma Bay (its on the city bus route.) I’ve spent many happy hours snorkeling, swimming, and sitting there just being amazed at how beautiful it is.


  4. Looks like a blast! I’m hoping to go there some day. My cousin’s husband was stationed there for three years (now in Italy) and my aunt still talks about visiting her there and how beautiful everything was. She did mention how crowded and expensive it is too.


  5. Everything looks so wonderful, with the exception of the crowdedness of Diamond Head…I’m so hungry from your food photos! How lovely to have this time to yourself during the day to explore at your leisure, and enjoy the lull before those babies come home. I love the view from your hotel, so peaceful.


  6. It’s lunch-time as I read this, and I’m drooling over all your food photos. Glad you’re doing exactly what you want, not what anyone else might think you should be doing.


  7. Ah, this is so crazy, I just left Honolulu Sunday night! I remember you mentioned in a previous post that you were going but I didn’t put the dates together! I was at diamond head on Saturday as well (though we didn’t hike it, we were on a hop on hop off bus tour and declined to “hop off” seeing how busy it was and we had our little with us).

    I know the conference you are talking about as three people we went scuba diving with on Friday were there for the same. And that noodle place is always lined up! I would have liked to go but big lines and toddlers don’t mix. It’s funny how different yours and my trips were, me with a toddler and you doing what you please. Shows the dichotomy of your life now vs the future. Hope you enjoy your time!


  8. Looks like fun!!! Hawaii is a great destination for a babymoon because of zika…most of the carribean is hit hard and Hawaii is not on the list


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