MicroblogMondays: Cribs!

When I started putting the baby registries together, I decided that we wouldn’t order fancy cribs.  Just something with simple design and a nice color.  I didn’t want to buy those convertible cribs that would turn into a twin bed.  Who knows what we would like to do in the future with the twins’ sleeping situation, right?  I didn’t want to commit ourselves to 4-in-1 expensive cribs.  One of the websites that is devoted to baby stuff recommended this particular crib.  I liked its color and its simplicity.  So I just added the cribs on the registry fully expecting ourselves to be buying them after the baby shower with the completion discount.  Little did I know that my brother and sister-in-law considered buying the cribs for us.  They looked one night and became tired, so they decided to look the next day again before they ordered them for us.  When they went back to look, it was too late!  Someone else already bought them for us!  This lady from our church is super nice and love babies.  She wasn’t originally on the guest list for the baby shower.  She hunted down my sister-in-law at church one day and asked about our baby shower.  She expressed her desire to come and offered to bring food.  She was so excited about being able to babysit for us in the future!  (She lives five minutes away from us.)  Of course we added her on the list because she was just super sweet about it.  She bought us the cribs the next day.  It was such a surprise that she was so generous with us and bought us these big ticket items.  A dear friend of ours offered a long time ago to help us put together furniture and do any childproof/home improvement projects before the babies arrive.  This past weekend, he came by and helped Bob put together these for the babies:

They are now lying on the floor sideways to save room.  My dear blog friend Maddie is going to come all the way from another state to attend our baby shower in a couple of weeks. (Can’t wait to meet her!  Exciting!)  After her stay in the babies’ room, we will set up the cribs and purchase an 8-drawer dresser from Ik.ea.

I can’t wait to see the babies sleep in their cribs!


10 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Cribs!

  1. Nice! We’ve barely started our surrogate journey (have a GC, have embryos, with a transfer coming up soon), but I’ve kind of already started to look. Did you guys register for everything or were some items on the “buy ourselves” list? Also, did your family or your husband’s family give you a hard time about even HAVING a registry? I’m of Chinese heritage (both parents from Hong Kong) and my mom balked at our plans (though she seemed okay when we registered for our wedding) – she said that we’d be getting money from relatives (so what about friends??!!! Or younger family members??). My husband is Jewish and cash gifts are common too (again, the $$$ might come from relatives, but friends and younger family members will want to get something from a registry, right?


    • I didn’t look for anything baby related until after 20 weeks. And didn’t actually create any registries until after 24 weeks. I had a mental block and felt overwhelmed by the task. Also, not quite believing that the babies are actually really coming was a part of that hesitation. So many of my friends just encouraged me to get the registry started and everything else would be okay. And they were right. Nope, nobody gave me a hard time. In fact, everyone has been super supportive and many can’t wait for our baby shower, which is super sweet. My parents are the most easygoing Chinese parents ever. And my in-laws are in India, so they don’t really have a lot of say in what we do here. We didn’t separate out people’s purchases vs. our own. I just threw them all in those registries because you get a completion discount at a certain percentage on everything on your registry afterwards so that’s an advantage. Well, good luck with everything!

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  2. Ooh, I love those cribs. What an amazing gift! I didn’t like those all-in-one cribs either, because so many of them become a full bed, not a twin…and that’s a lot of space for a tiny person! The one we had was similar to yours but white, and converted just once to a toddler bed and then got retired. (Or will with someone else) Is the 8 drawer dresser that pretty grey as well? Love the color. How fun to see things come together like this…


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