MicroblogMondays: Making More Progress

Some of you will be proud of me, that I did a whole lot this past week preparing for the babies.

My friend A. was so right.  (Man, she is ALWAYS the wise one.)  When I talked to her about my fear of starting the baby registry last week, she said that I seemed like a college kid looking at a blank screen who couldn’t get through the first sentence.  That was such a great description.  I felt exactly that way.  She made a great suggestion.  She told me to go with a girlfriend to a store and do the point and shoot scanner thing and just have fun.  And she added, grab lunch beforehand and have some rose too. 😀

I took her advice.  Lunch and rose didn’t happen, but my Dear Colleague met up with me one afternoon at Babies R Us (because Buy Buy Baby’s opening in our area won’t be until September).  The staff member who helped me was super helpful and nice (unlike what I read on some reviews of that particular store location).  With the scanner in hand, Dear Colleague and I walked around the shop feeling overwhelmed.  Well, I don’t know about her, but I was overwhelmed.  We walked around looking at many things.  The bottles section was particularly dizzying.  After about 15 minutes, we decided that we needed to just scan something symbolically as the beginning of this process.  So we stood in front of the health section, picked up a thermometer, and pointed the scanner at the barcode.  Done.  First item registered.  This process officially started.

I actually didn’t like the selections at BRU.  I mean, it has more things than Tar.get probably, but there were still many things that it didn’t have.  After my Dear Colleague left for her dinner date, I walked around by myself still feeling a bit overwhelmed, wondering how many of each thing to buy and wishing that I had my laptop there to check reviews and tips/lists given by my friends who are moms of twins.  It was nice to touch and lift certain things that I had done research on, like car seats and playards.  The infant car seat was the first thing that I ever looked at because I knew we needed one (now two) to bring our baby(ies) home.  Seeing a variety in person helped me make a decision.  What surprised me was the size of all these playards.  They are so so big!  I just don’t see how one can fit nicely in our bedroom as bassinets for the initial few months with the babies.   I still need to find a sleep solution for the twins before we transfer them to cribs.  Another helpful thing was touching and lifting some of the diaper bags out there.  Some of them are so heavy!  This experience definitely helped me eliminate some of the choices out there.

I finally scanned about eight things before I walked out of the store exhausted.  This is definitely a work in progress.  I am proud of myself for finally getting it started.

Over the weekend, I was also agonizing over the guest list for the baby shower.  Space was a concern of mine, as I didn’t want to burden the hosts with so many people.  However, this is not going to be a traditional baby shower.  It is going to be more like a celebration of our journey to our babies.  Including Bob and our guy friends is very important to me.  My sister-in-law and I had a talk.  She said the most important thing was for me to give her and our pastor’s wife (who is the co-host) the list of people I would like to invite and they’d figure out the rest.  After working hard on it one evening, I submitted a list of people we would invite, people we would love to invite, and people who are out of town or know that they won’t be available.  Bless my pastor’s wife’s heart.  This is her email:

“I say we invite them all :).  We can totally be like sardines and it will be great. I think people may or may not bring kids.  If I were invited to a baby shower I would naturally not want to bring my kids, haha!  If all 80 people showed up it could get crazy, but that just means you get more presents.  Am I being a little too ambitious, ha?”

To clarify, I am not inviting 80 people.  But the list does look big.  I am sure that not everyone would come.  I am thankful for someone who is willing to accommodate all of our friends and family.  But yeah!  This was something that I struggled to get done, and I am so relieved that they have the list now!  One more thing to cross off the list.

Bob and I continued to clean out the garage to a point where we could move some of the stuff from the second bedroom to downstairs.  Now that these miscellaneous things are out of the second bedroom, we can better visualize it as our nursery and think about where the cribs and dresser will go.

Not only did we make progress, Annie did also.  She seemed to be doing better these past couple of days.  For the first time in a long time, she answered “I’m good” when I asked her how she was doing.  She had been saying “I’m okay” for the longest time.  And she asked me about me more so than the last couple of weeks.  I feel like she is slowly coming out of her shell of the agony over the last few weeks with the physical and emotional ailments.  I am so thankful that she is doing better.

As we are approaching mid-June, all of us seem to be making good progress.  Only three more months before babies arrive.  Or as Bob puts it, we have gone from triple-digit in days (over 100) to double-digit in days before our scheduled C-section.  Things are getting exciting over here. 🙂


11 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Making More Progress

  1. So awesome to see you at this stage of your journey. And car seats…just the thought of it stresses me out. It’s all so foreign to me and I can imagine I will be as equally lost when it comes our time to register.


  2. Good for you! It is intimidating. I bought the Halo bassinest for the first few months of sleep and loved it. It is expensive, especailly 2 but maybe you could find 2nd hand. The base is wide but it fits under the bed and the sleeper part comes right to your eye level.


  3. Also (last piece of advice I swear) I think the backpack diaper bag is the best. Leaves your hands free. We bought black (gender neutral) and both mom and dad did equal duty with it. Especially when you are lugging them around in those heavy bucket seats, the last thing you need is a heavy shoulder bag. I bought the Fisher Price backpack; it should be available from babies r us.


  4. I also loved the backpack diaper bag…in fact a comfortable backpack would work quite well. I’m sure that you’ll find all the little things that you need/want. It will take time, and you’ll learn as you go. Sending love!


  5. I have twin 3.5 year old boys, they came early and were in the NICU for almost a month. When we came home they slept in their own cribs in the same room. We have a small house so they were just down the hall and we had a monitor. During the day they napped in a rock in play (I definatley recommend two of these) or pack n play (bought two one for us and one for the sitter) in our living room. I plan to have baby #3 sleep in a crib in our room, currently 28 weeks pregnant after transferring our last frozen embryo. I did not want to have to worry about transitioning from a bassinet to the crib.

    I would wait in buying a tone of bottles, babies can be picky. I also recommend getting a formula pitcher, makes it easier to make all the bottles for a day.


  6. So, so, SO exciting! Oh, registering. I found that super overwhelming, but went with a friend also and she helped make it less so, and going in multiple trips definitely helped. I bet your baby shower is going to be beautiful! So glad Annie is doing well. Amazing how the time flies!


  7. Yay progress! I’m so glad you finally started the registry. What a great analogy! And you know your baby shower hosts are having a blast planning for the shower. I’m also so glad that Annie is doing better. Yay’s all around!


  8. You can also put two newborns in one crib if that makes a space difference. It is normal that it feels unreal to be actually getting/asking for/planning for actual baby things. You are doing just fine, do not worry about equipment, it will happen.


  9. I’ve been following your journey, and am so, so happy that you are to this point! Your blog was helpful as I was going through infertility, but I’m a shy commenter! My DH and I experienced infertility. A few months ago our donor egg cycle was successful with our beautiful little girl.

    For newborn sleep, we got a rock & play swing and the Halo Bassinest. I recommend both. She would nap for long periods in the rock & play — it was wonderful for newborn sleep during the day.


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