Ultrasound at 12 Weeks 5 Days

I didn’t get to fly to Annie’s hometown for our ultrasound today since I will fly out tonight to my grandma’s funeral.  Bob has been home burning with a fever all day, so he got to witness the ultrasound remotely for the first time.  The connection at the clinic was again spotty.  We could see Baby A on the screen, but the screen would freeze.  This happened several times then Kenneth, Annie’s husband, found a good spot for the connection.

Baby A looked a lot like a baby.  I couldn’t hear what the tech was saying because Annie’s youngest son was talking and counting numbers.  Eventually the tech started measuring the heart rate and it was such a sweet sound.  Bob later said that it sounded like a train going uphill (such a nerd!!!).  But he was so delighted to actually hear the heart beat for the first time!  This one’s heart rate was 162.  Baby B appeared on the screen and was moving his/her arms.  The heart rate was 171.  The tech suddenly switched the view to 3D.  All I could see was some fleshy things that I couldn’t recognize.  Kenneth helped by pointing out what was what on the screen.  Basically it was Baby A and Baby B’s heads kind of crammed together.  It didn’t seem like there was a lot of space in there.  Real estate was tight inside Annie’s womb!  It was such an amazing and weird thing to see.  Later, Annie told me that the tech usually doesn’t do ultrasound this early so she just wanted to see what they’d look like.  She said what she had imagined looked better than what they actually looked like, haha.

Baby A was measuring 12 weeks 2 days, and Baby B was measuring 12 weeks 5 days.  I instantly was worried about Baby A.  He/she was measuring 11 weeks 1 day at our last ultrasound.  I don’t know if it’s a good thing to be 3 days off.  Of course while I was waiting to talk to the OB, I consulted Dr. Goo.gle for margin of errors for these ultrasound measurements.  I had to remind myself not to go crazy and just wait for the doctor to tell me.

Finally the doctor came on.  He said that the pregnancy is progressing well and the babies are measuring well with great heart rates.  I asked about the measurement.  He said that they are measuring right on target and there is nothing to worry about.  There is always a discrepancy on the measurement because of the fetal position and stuff like that.  We are measuring well within where they are supposed to be.  So I felt very relieved after talking to him.

Although we weren’t going to do it, the doctor did ask the tech to measure the nuchal folds of the babies.  He said that anything over 3mm would cause some concerns for cardiac development, but our babies both measured at 1mm, which is normal.

In terms of my other questions, he said that they’d like to do an ultrasound every four weeks from now on.  Bob and I are going to go for the 16 weeks ultrasound.  Originally he wasn’t going to do much for that ultrasound in terms of scans.  But since Bob is coming, the OB will allow for a vaginal ultrasound with more measurements and we get extra time to talk to the doctor.  As for the anatomy scan, we originally scheduled for 19 weeks 5 days.  But Annie is going to be out of town.  So we may have to push it back to about 21 weeks, which the OB said it’s okay to do.

Annie has gained 7 pounds since the last weigh in.  The doctor said that the weight gain is good.  He does not recommend any other supplements in addition to the vitamins that she’s been taking.  He said that for a normal pregnancy with a person without any prior prenatal problems, nothing much is needed as long as the carrier is eating healthy.

I asked one final question, about what indicates the need to consult with a high risk OB/maternal-fetal medicine specialist.  He said usually with pregnancies that are associated with birth defects.  And then he went off on a tangent about an emergency delivery at 25 weeks and we would have to fly Annie over across state line to the next state that prohibits commercial surrogacy because that would be the closest trauma hospital and helicopter wouldn’t fly you to a location six-hour driving distance away within the same state.  I mean, the phone connection already wasn’t the best and he said something so scary in response to a question that really didn’t have much to do with his answer.  I was panicking a little with the thought of the legal ramification of delivery in a state that does not allow surrogacy.  Of course the OB was like, this scenario would very highly unlikely to happen to your situation.  I was thinking… why say it???!?  Later on Annie told me that this OB likes to give the worst case scenario and then tell you that it probably won’t happen to you and don’t worry about it.  But it’s hard not to worry about things when we are so far away, isn’t it?

So there it is.  Our babies are still there with good heart rates and measurements.  Although I didn’t get to attend the ultrasound, my heart is filled with joy that the twins continue to grow.  And now I have the newest ultrasound photos to show my paternal grandmother when I share the news with her face-to-face.

Off to the airport now.


11 thoughts on “Ultrasound at 12 Weeks 5 Days

  1. Oh, doctors and their scenarios! You’ll cross that bridge IF you come to it. I fretted over discrepancies in baby measurements too, but as someone who is married to an ultrasound tech and has watched twins vacillate for 9 months, don’t worry. It all comes out in the wash, and you wouldn’t even be so conscious of it if there weren’t a second baby to compare to all the time. Those nuchal test results are great news. Take a few deep breaths and try to enjoy this ride, Mama 🙂


  2. The anatomy scan was definitely my favorite. It was a great picture of the babies and the tech spent so much time because they’re supposed to measure specific parts like the femur, skull, heart and organs. I also loved having a money ultrasound. I don’t know what I’ll do if I have a singleton in the future and only get two ultrasounds!


  3. Oh but one thing I did that I think was helpful, supplement wise, was taking extra iron. My vitamins didn’t have any iron so I took a whole iron supplement every day. I got my levels checked once when I was just exhausted from being pregnant with twins and the doctor praised me for my good iron levels.


  4. Great news that the babies are doing well! Hello second trimester 🙂

    Surely that is a sign of being a parent, worrying about something then realizing it is highly unlikely and practicing to let those thoughts go…


  5. Great news that the babies are doing fantastic! I’m glad that Bob was able to hear the heartbeats with you. 🙂


  6. Great news! Remember 5 days either direction is considered normal and there is definite human error when you are talking about mm and cm in ultrasounds. PLUS, just wait till those two get bigger and start crowding each other and switching places and shadowing each other – then ultrasounds get REALLY hard and long! While I am sorry the doc is worrying you, I actually think it’s great that he is thinking about not only level 4 NICU care but also the legalities of surrogacy with each NICU option. Of course I don’t want you to need that, but you never know and I am glad he is keeping all that in his mind!!!


  7. So excited for you friend. I’m sorry that doctor has you worrying a bit. Just know that worrying is a normal momma thing to do.. I worried about all the scenarios all the way through pregnancy and now I still worry. You’re one day closer to meeting your babies and you’ll continue to be in my prayers.


  8. I hope you have a good trip and that it brings you closure and peace. So glad things look great with the babies! Sorry the doc gave you the worst case stuff. Not what you needed to hear. Hugs.


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