Our surrogate Annie had her lining check on Monday. Because of the time difference, I was sound asleep when she sent me a message. I read it in the middle of the night.  She typed this:

“What an amazing appointment! The tech said lining went from a 3 to almost a 14! She also prayed for a successful transfer and delivery so you would be blessed with a miracle from God!”

What a wonderful message to wake up to! 14mm!!!  Isn’t that a bit thick?  When I grew my lining, it was barely 8mm. And I was on estrogen patches which are supposed to be more potent.  Annie has been on oral estrogen and her lining just grows and grows. 

When I actually woke up, Dr. E’s email was already waiting for me.  She said: “Annie’s lining is gorgeous!!! Like with a capital G!!! Transfer is set for next Monday!”

Praise the Lord for wonderful news!

She went on to ask me what embryo(s) we would like to transfer. 

We decided to transfer the 3ab first. If it is not successful, we’ll just go down the list. 

Annie starts her progesterone today. Transfer is on schedule. 

It is so surreal that this is happening soon. It is even more surreal since I’m overseas and so far away physically and mentally from it all. 

Five more days until we see Annie and her husband!


6 thoughts on “Gorgeous

  1. Annie sounds like a wonderful person, in addition to having a wonderful uterus. I hope this is the first of many “wins” for you. I like how you (and her) incorporate your faith in this process. Your anecdote made me wonder how I’d feel about a ultrasound tech praying for/with me. That’s very different from any experience I’ve had. I’m sure it would never happen but I think I might like it.


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