MicroblogMondays: Inching Closer to Our Baby


I have to admit that this process of getting to our baby is going pretty well.  And I am not afraid of jinxing it.

We have six blastocysts.  The most that we have ever had in our journey to our baby.  I am not going to lie about it.  I still have a certain degree of worry/fear/anxiety of not having ANY normal embryos to transfer.  Whenever I have this fear, I try to remember what my dear friend A. told me about her therapist’s advice on probable vs. possible: to acknowledge that the thing you fear is highly improbable.  So I am trying my best to trust God and believe that He has the perfect plan for us regardless of the number of normal embryos we have.  

On our gestational carrier front, things are moving along as well.  There was some hiccups with Annie, our gestational carrier’s blood work results.  Her TSH is within normal range for a regular person but not for the IVF/TTC world.  After a retest to confirm the higher than desired value, Dr. E has prescribed Synthr.oid to her.  Her levels should go down quickly but Dr. E didn’t pass her medical screen until the day before our donor’s retrieval.  It was so great to get the green light to move forward because without her passing her medical exams we wouldn’t be able to move forward to the next steps.

Annie finished her psychological evaluation last Tuesday.  She told me that there were a few difficult questions as well as an online assessment of her personality on which she had to answer 344 questions.  She got them all done in a day. What a trooper!  The next day Dr. E, who received the results from the examiner directly, notified us that Annie passed her psychological evaluation with great results!  That was the same day we made those day 5 blastocysts.   Both were so exciting to hear.  Bob and I had a phone counseling session with the same LFMT who asked a bunch of questions about the issues surrounding surrogacy.  That phone call was only 23 minutes long.  I joked that it was probably the easiest $100 she had ever made because we had an answer for every issue that she asked about as we had thought about each one already.  Rather than a counseling session, it was more like a question and answer session.  She asked the questions.  We answered them.  But the good news is, it was done and we could move forward.

Drafting the legal paperwork is our next step.  We haven’t received the details from the attorney yet so we don’t know what is involved.  All I know is that it takes three to six weeks to finish the contract.  And without the contract signed, we cannot start preparing Annie’s lining for a transfer.  So getting the contract done as soon as possible is our immediate goal.  Looking at the calendar, if we can get the contract done at a fast rate, I am hopeful that a transfer can be scheduled for the 3rd or 4th week of October.  If that truly happens and a pregnancy is achieved, our due date would be around my birthday next year in July.

In five days, we’ll find out the fate of our blastocysts.  We are full of anticipation, hope, and joy as we enter the next phase of our quest.


9 thoughts on “MicroblogMondays: Inching Closer to Our Baby

  1. What (mostly) wonderful news! I know you still have a long ways to go and there is much to worry about, but let yourself experience the hope and happiness in everything moving forward. This is exciting!


  2. Keeping you close in my thoughts and prayers. I try to constantly remind myself, “God knows”. He knows the number of embryos and babies and I try to remember to trust in Him that he is giving me what I need. Every time I start to get anxious I repeat over and over to myself, “God knows”.

    I ordered a book called, “In the Wait”, you can get it off Amazon for pretty cheap. It has been crucial in helping me during this time of wait. First waiting for our donor, then waiting for our embryos, then transfer, now a frozen transfer. I don’t read it every day, just the days that I am more anxious.

    Sending all my love and support your way girl! (HUGS)


    • Oh yes! Remember after you blogged about the book, I bought it! I read it slowly, and I also have other books that I am reading. Just this morning, Bob and I were talking about how God ordained these embryos to grow and become blastocysts, and He ordained whichever to be normal. Reliance on God is so hard but we are trying. Thank you friend.

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